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Trex Pergola Element | Los Angeles

The Element is a fully aluminum pergola that pairs superior strength with sleek design to give you the perfect framework for an outdoor living space. The Trex Pergola Element kits come in 16 standard sizes and custum-sizing for unique projects. This pergola requires minimal maintenance while offering a point of architectural interest. Plus, you get the benefits of privacy and shade. You can enhance the experience with optional features, such as:

  • Curtains
  • Lights
  • Fans or Heaters

All the aluminum components receive a Coraflon® finish that will make your pergola the ideal complement to your outdoor room. The extremely durable flourapolymer finish comes in 47 colors, which includes mica or metallic finishes. You get a finish with excellent gloss and outstanding color retention that will stand up to the rigors of time. Every pre-fab kit features stainless steel hardware for additional strength and durability. We also include installation instructions that make constructing your Element pergola quick and simple.

Designed with strength and longevity in mind, the Element can meet the demands of your commercial or residential Los Angeles property. This pergola will offer years of hassle free service without constant upkeep. Commercial property installations are covered by a 10-Year Limited Commercial Warranty. Residential installations enjoy a 25-Year Residential Warranty. You can rest easy knowing that your new Element will be a boon to your property, rather than a burden.

Want Something More Unique your Trex Vision?

In addition to our standard sizes, we also provide custom fabricated kits that offer made to order sizing. This lets you enjoy the benefits of our pergolas in the space you have, regardless of oddities on the property. If you have your own pergola design, we’re happy to use it. If not, we’re happy to help you design the ideal pergola for your home or business.


Los Angeles patio covers
The Trex Pergola Element employs a contemporary design that features integrated columns, beams, rafters, and stringers. The freestanding Element uses four columns. The attached version of the pergola uses two columns, while a ledger supports the pergola at the structure wall.
We offer customized configurations and component sizes for special projects.

  • STRINGER: 1-inch x 5-inch installed at around 8-inches on center
  • RAFTER: 4-inches square
  • BEAM: 6-inches square
  • COLUMN: 6-inches square
  • LEDGER: 2-inch x 6-inch (not pictured)

Freestanding Element pergolas

Freestanding Element pergolas employ a four column approach. A beam on each side of the Element Trex pergola receives support from two columns.
Los Angeles patio covers

Attached Element pergolas

Attached pergolas employ two columns that provide support for a beam on the front of the Element Trex pergola. An attached ledger supports the rafters at the existing structure wall.
Los Angeles patio covers


Los Angeles patio covers
We offer the Trex Pergola Element kit in 16 standard sizes. You can see the standard size options for freestanding and attached pergolas in the chart below. We also offer custom fabrication for projects with unique or specialized needs.


All Trex Pergola Element pergolas receive a Coraflon® finish. The fluoropolymer finish provides outstanding durability to your finish. You enjoy the benefits of excellent color retention and superior gloss. This finish also limits the amount of time you must invest in upkeep. With numerous color choices that include micas and metallics, you pergola will provide a unique blend of visual appeal and practical purpose.

  • 47 colors available
  • Metallic and mica finishes available
  • Custom tinting to match your current home or office color scheme
  • Finish available in traditional one-color options or elect a multi-color finish choice that brings a more dynamic feel to your property
  • Excellent performance in the scorching Los Angeles heat and superior chip and scratch resistance

Building Permits

  • Text
  • many people think of building permits as an option when building their pergola when in fact, they’re actually a necessity. Not only are they a necessity, but not obtaining necessary building permits is actually an enforceable action. Furthermore, the authority having jurisdiction can actually require you to remove whatever structure or work which was performed under this action. On the other hand, there are, however, improvements which do not require building permits which most all cities will list within their building and safety website. unlike many other contractors, we are very adament that our clients obtain permits for their work if not for anything else, but for safety of the occupants.

Our Trex Element pergolas comes with a 25-Year Limited Residential Warranty or a 10-Year Limited Commercial Warranty. It’s how you can trust that your Trex pergola won’t fall prey to rotting, warping, splitting, or termite damage. Instead, you’ll enjoy years of minimal maintenance on your outdoor space.

level los Angeles modular pergola kit

Why choose for Trex pergolas?

As a consumer you can go anywhere for a patio cover here in los Angeles right? i mean, just about everyone nowadays is a contractors who specializes in something. For example, some contractors specialize in bathrooms, some kitchen and others in roofing. On the other hand, we specialize in patio covers and pergolas throughout the greater Los Angles area. In other words, we don’t build anything else. For one thing, specializing in one single trade allows us the flexibility to provide our clients with superior installation quality and affordable priding.

In fact, we when it comes to pergolas and patio covers, we really do have you covered. indeed, we carry just about every material imaginable with respect to patio covers and pergolas. not only are we patio cover specialists, we perform repairs throughout Los Angles and even sell patio cover replacement parts for those in need of just a few small items.

Be sure to check out some of the other items we carry such as Brown Jordan pergolas, Modular pergolas, motorized, fixed and manual canopies and aluminum patio cover kits.

What else do you do?

Because we specialize in all things pergola and patio cover related here in Los Angeles, with that there are other services and products which our team offers and list below.

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Trex Pergola Element | Los Angeles
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