How To Install An Aluminum Lattice Patio cover

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Everyone from time to time gets the urge to build something am I right? In the case where you fit in to the DIYer category we’d like to lend you a helping hand. For the most part, installing an Aluminum pergola patio cover can be a very difficult and time consuming task.  Never mind the fact that one mistake in cutting or measuring will leave you driving to the manufacturer or supplier for another replacement piece.  Take a look at our how to Install an aluminum lattice patio cover documents below for help. For the most part, the material by appearance looks like it can be easily and quickly installed for the do it yourself er.

On the other hand, the fact that the material is almost kit-like, allows the end user flexibility in its installation. For one thing, the material as a kit comes pre-cut for your installation convenience.  That said, however, there are time when you must cut pieces of the aluminum cover for a proper fitment. 

Aluminum lattice patio cover kit

The aluminum lattice patio cover kit is essentially a ready-made, pre determined disassembled complete lattice patio cover. These kits are provided by various suppliers such as With so many different manufacturers providing aluminum shade bar patio covers, it’s difficult to know how each cover is to be properly fit and installed. Although we provide a general idea of  how to Install an aluminum shade-bar lattice patio cover, the “how to” directions for each individual manufacturer can be different. 

Engineering for your “how to Install an aluminum lattice patio cover kit”? santa clarita patio covers

Aluminum covered patio manufacturers will generally supply engineering standards with their kits.  At the same time, the installation must follow the engineering as prescribed otherwise, catastrophic failure may occur. Most cities and jurisdictions within these cities require engineering when installing these covers onto buildings or freestanding.

Contrast this to wood patio covers. Wood construction which may require engineering;

  • Wood pergola patio covers
  • Solid wood roofed patio covers
  • Decks made of wood

Decks constructed of wood in the Los Angeles County always requires engineering.  

Patio Cover Ideas

patio cover ideas

Most of the job estimates we go on, the home owner knows exactly what they want. There are, however, those others who have absolutely no idea. In which case we suggest they search “covered patio ideas” just to see what’s out there. While the engineering limits the patio cover span and material lengths. Your imagination can run wild within their engineering limitations. In other words, your imagination can run wild with patio cover configurations and ideas.

Alumawood Covered Patio Options

patio pergola cover options

As a DIYer, you might think there are no options with the ready-made kit. Well, you might be surprised to find that the Alumawood product offers a few options when buying their product. For one, you have multiple different options for color. As a matter of fact, you have seven (7) color options to choose from. Of course the colors aren’t the only option with Alumawood. You can also increase the thickness of the aluminum material itself. The front end detail “end cut” of the rafters is also an option. 

The patio cover DIYer kits are really an affordable alternative to paying a contractor to do the job. For example, click on this free handy patio cover cost calculator to see what the going rate is for a complete patio cover installed.

What about permits when installing the aluminum lattice patio cover

los ángeles building permits needed

When constructing patio covers  building permits are required.  That is, in addition to minimum engineering requirements.  As a DIY enthusiast you may wish to check with your local authority having jurisdiction to determine the process for acquiring these building permits.

For those of you who are in the market for an aluminum patio cover and wish to know how to Install an aluminum lattice patio cover ever provided a fairly comprehensive video tutorial as well as a PDF downloadable instructional booklet.

How to build an aluminum lattice patio cover kit You tube video (Best in HD 1080)

Building your aluminum patio cover lattice kit on-line document

How to install an aluminum lattice patio cover kit downloadable PDF

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