Wood and Aluminum Patio Covers

Living in California means amazing weather. What better way to entertain your guests and enjoy this beautiful weather but with a patio cover? Of course, when you want a patio cover built, you want a company who only builds patio covers, right? That’s us. We build patio covers. Period. Whether you’re in the market for Aluminum or wood, patio covered.com has you covered.

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Aluminum Patio Covers

Are you looking for a material that will not rot, deteriorate, require painting or become food for termites? Well, my friends there is only one choice to wood and it’s an aluminum patio cover. It seems Aluminum patio covers here in Los Angeles is gaining popularity and why not? When you can purchase a beautiful product which requires almost zero maintenance and lasts virtually forever at almost half the price of wood, it seems the choice is clear. For functionality and affordability, there is no better choice than an Aluminum patio cover.


Wood Patio Covers

We love wood. Patiocovered is a company who started out building our wood patio covers covers throughout Los Angeles. What can be said about a wood product that isn’t already very obvious? Wood is beautiful, it’s timeless, majestic and elegant. Moreover, wood patio covers are durable and can be built to accommodate just about any space you can imagine. For the most part, wood is the first choice for many who are looking for a patio cover in Los Angeles.


Hardscaping | Landscaping

Deciding how to manage your back or front yard design is a huge undertaking. For the most part, the landscaping you choose in the front yard or back yards is almost an extension of you am I right? You want your yard to look different, unique and manicured even if it’s a xeriscape or drought tolerant design (which is our speciality). Which message will you want your house to send?



Patiocovered provides more patio cover repairs than probably any other company in Los Angeles. Not only do we repair wood patio covers ... but we also repair aluminum patio covers, whereas most other companies don’t even provide patio cover repairs, but we do. No job is too large and no job is too small. Patiocovered provides patio cover repairs throughout Los Angeles and surrounding counties.