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The look of wood without the maintenance


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Alumawood is the leading all-aluminum patio cover system on the market. Here in Los Angeles, I'd say that the majority of work we do is aluminum.  Specifically, Alumawood. Over the years, our company has gone from installing over 80% wood patio covers in Los Angeles to now, 90% aluminum patio covers throughout Los Angeles.

Why the switch you ask? If I had to guess, my money would be on the fact that aluminum patio covers are virtually maintenance-free. You heard that correct. no maintenance. No painting, wood rot, or termites.

I mean if you're going to spend a few bucks on what is supposed to be a fairly permanent fixture in your back yard... you may as well install a patio cover that you don't have to worry about every 3 years.

Alumawood is just that product. Whether you're in the market for a fully covered patio cover, a lattice, or a combination patio cover... we have exactly what you're looking for.

Open or close your patio cover automatically




Louvered patio cover systems are becoming increasingly popular here in Los Angeles. With COVID restrictions more and more restaurants are turning the innovative technology of the louvered patio cover. This is especially true here in LA where spending time with loved ones while dining out and even dining in now is something of a treasure. Louvered patio cover systems are fully automated.


Controlled by a smart device, the louvers open and close at the operator's pleasure. Enjoying a beautiful summer night? Open them up. Want to be with family and friends, dine out on the patio? Close them up for a rain-tight outdoor living area.

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What can we add that hasn't already been said about wood patio covers? The wood patio cover is beautiful, timeless, and predictable. For many of you, I'm sure predictable isn't a word that you might use to describe the wood patio cover. Allow me to explain.

Here in Los Angeles, there are many different zoning, code, and even HOA requirements. An aluminum patio cover is pre-engineered and with a few exceptions can only be installed in one way. Whereas the wood patio covers are easily modifiable to accommodate any engineering condition, any HOA requirement, or zoning standard.

This is mainly due to the fact that aluminum patio covers come in only a handful of material sizes. Wood patio covers, on the other hand, are available in just about any size of wood imaginable. And if it's not? it can be custom made. Of course, custom lumber comes with a price.

Wood patio covers have one more advantage over its aluminum counterpart. That is... it can be painted in almost any color you can think of.  In comparison, the Alumawood patio cover is only available in seven different colorways. Learn More

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Professional. Bonded. Licensed. Insured.

We are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured construction company focusing on patio covers and decks right here in Los Angeles. It's in our name. We build high-quality wood, aluminum, and extruded covers at affordable prices.

Alumawood patio cover kits have are becoming increasingly popular here in Los Angeles. Understandably so. Why not save a few bucks on the installation and just install a new patio cover kit yourself?

Alumawood products are available in three different models. Each model has the ability to be upgraded in various ways. For example, the aluminum gauge thickness can be modified to be thicker than what's considered to be standard. Additionally, you can add columns, lights, and fans to your patio cover kit.

For many people, the Alumawood patio cover kit is a way to really get into the whole installation process. As a matter of fact, with just a couple of friends, an Alumawood patio cover kit can easily be installed in just a couple of days with proper instruction.

Not to mention... t's also a way for some of you to finally use those tools that are collecting dust which you received last Christmas. Learn More

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Have a patio cover that is in need of a cosmetic make-over? Well, look no further than right here. Whether you have an aluminum Alumawood patio cover or a wood pergola, we have you covered. We offer a full range of repair options from complete tear-downs to minor repairs.

Wood patio covers are in constinious need of maintenance. Wood rots, deteriorates and gets eaten by termites. Los Angeles has the perfect environment for all of these conditions. So as a homeowner, you're forced to continuously scrape, paint and replace pieces of your wood patio cover or pergola annually.

Aluminum patio covers, on the other hand, are faced with a completely different set of maintenance issues. Aside from the fact that they require no paint, they can become damaged by blunt force or loose plastic caps. We carry a full line of Alumawood replacement parts such as caps, rafters, posts, and even insulated and non-insulated panels. not only can we provide these parts and pieces, but we also have the ability to install them for you. Learn More