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Vinyl pergolas in Los Angeles

Structureworks vinyl, which is reinforced with aluminum, offers you some of the strongest pre-made pergola kits on the market. Not only do these vinyl pergolas provide superior strength, you can also choose from a range of cost-effective design option. As a matter of fact, a Structureworks pergola isn’t just a way to create some shade or for your Los Angeles home or office. Moreover, it can serve as the focal point for an entire outdoor living experience.
For one thing, vinyl components of these pergola kits are light and require substantially less maintenance than traditional materials, like wood. Therefore, we can craft you a purely traditional pergola or one that adapts seamlessly into your home or office architecture. Of course, the only limit is your imagination. Talk with us about your ideal pergola, and we’ll handle the design end of things. Lastly, these vinyl pergolas come standard with a semi-gloss white finish.

Not seeing what you want? We also do custom...

If you don’t see what you're looking for, no need to worry. We have the ability to create custom pergolas to fit almost any design idea you can imagine.

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Unlike other companies, we don’t fill our rafters with wood that will just rot in time… our rafters are filled with aluminumPatio Covered

  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles


TThe Potomac pergola will come standard with standard with two beams at 2” x 8”. These beams will support 2” x 6” rafters, that will be spaced about 24” on center. Shade is provided by the 1 ½” x 1 ½” stringers or shade bars that are installed at 4 ½” on center. Every vinyl pergola comes with durable stainless steel hardware. Additionally, there are optional components which can be added to make your vinyl pergola look more “Los Angeles” such as for example,

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Electric Heaters
  • Lighting
  • Canopy
  • Curtains

Beams – Our beams are made from hollow, aluminum reinforced vinyl and come in double 2″ x 8″
Rafters – Our rafters are made from hollow, aluminum reinforced vinyl, 2” x 6”, and are installed at 24″ on center
– Our stringers are also hollow vinyl, 1 ½” square, and installed at 4 ½” on center

Vinyl Rafter with Aluminum I Beam
Vinyl pergolas and patio covers by

Additional Features and Specifications

The vinyl Potomac Pergola is available in both freestanding as well as attached models. In addition to standard planned models of these pergolas we also offer them in custom models as well. If doing it yourself is your thing, these pergolas are also offered in a kit, complete with written instructions ready to install.

  • Low maintenance
  • Only US-made virgin vinyl is used
  • Lighting
  • Pre-fabricated components come as a system
  • Durable stainless steel hardware

Attached pergolas

When the pergolas are attached to the wall, there are two columns which support the beams at the front of the cover. The ledger is attached to the wall of the building and the rafters attach to that and rest on the beam at the front of the pergola.
Attached pergolas come with two columns that provide support for double beams on the front of the pergola. The rafters are supported at the building by ledger attached to the exterior wall.

Picture of width and projection

Freestanding pergolas

With the freestanding pergolas, the beams are supported by four individual posts and the rafters rest perpendicular on the beams at the front and the back of the cover.

Picture of width and projection


Column Dimensions
  • 12″ x 10′ High Round Tapered Column
  • 10″ x 8′ High Round Tapered Column
  • 12″ x 8′ High Square Tapered Column
  • 10″ x 8′ High Square Column
  • 8″ x 8′ High Square Column
  • 10″ x 8′ and 8″ x 8′ High Square Classic Trim Column
  • 5″ x 8′ High Square Vinyl Column
  • 8″ x 8′ High Square Column with Decorative Base
Picture of width and projection

Every fiberglass column comes with our ColorLast finish. Additionally, one may also benefit from a custom color if you need to match an existing color scheme. Structureworks’ patio covers employ the TensionRod™ mounting system. For one thing, this system makes installation easy and ensures you get a solid foundation for the pergola. Columns come standard with hardware for concrete. When necessary, there is an option for deck mounting with adapter kit which attaches the pergola onto a deck.

Standard widths and projections

Potomac vinyl kits come in 64 standard sizes. Take a look at the size charts below to see all of the different options available for both freestanding and attached patio covers. Let us know if you don’t see the patio cover that fits your dimensions. We also make custom sizes to fit any configuration.

Picture of width and projection


All of our fiberglass columns come with the ColorLast finish. You can also get a custom color if you need to match an existing color scheme. Our columns employ the TensionRod™ mounting system. This system ensures you get a solid foundation for the pergola. Columns come standard with hardware for concrete should you order the kit. Additionally, we can add an adapter kit for mounting your pergola onto any deck surface.

  • Choose a single color or multi color finish
  • For specialized projects, select custom paint tinting
  • This material provides excellent performance in Los Angeles temperatures
  • Protection from finish cracking, peeling, or blistering for up to 20 years
  • Resists scratches and chips


Engineering and Permits

  • Los Angeles pergola engineering
  • Los Angeles pergolas


At times, our projects may require some engineering in order to meet minimum safety and code requirements. Our engineering department will provide engineering solutions for any application which is acceptable within your jurisdiction. Furthermore, engineering will address such things as loads or loading, foundations, and connections. This applies to both standard models and customized projects


Most all areas throughout Los Angeles and Los Angeles County requires a building permit when constructing a patio cover or pergola. It’s in the interest of safety that we acquire these permits, not just because the local jurisdiction having authority makes it mandatory. When considering a Pergola here in Los Angeles keep in mind that permits will cost a few bucks more, so plan accordingly.

Reasons why patiocovered is your only choice for all things patio cover and pergola related

Picture of width and projection Why choose patiocovered over the multitude of contractors out here in Los Angeles who build patio covers? Well, for one, we are probably the only patio cover only company in Los Angeles. Based in the city of Santa Clarita, operates throughout the entire Los Angeles area, including some of the outer areas such as ventura and riverside counties.

We sell all types of Aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, wood and Trex products. Browse our site to see the differences between Aluminum and wood for example.

Our ability to work only with patio covers and pergolas allows us to price our products a little better than most, because our suppliers love us. Speaking of loving us, so too do the many satisfied patiocovered customers who have chosen to place their trust in us, for that we thank you.

Not only do we offer these vinyl pergolas, we also provide a host of other services and sell multiple different products.

Some of our services include
  • Refinishing of existing pergolas and patio covers
  • Some repairs to existing Wood patio covers and pergolas
  • Repairs to existing Aluminum patio covers and pergolas
  • Relocating existing pergolas and patio covers
  • Patio cover and pergola make-overs

A few of our other products include

Nothing like other Los Angeles contractors

Our team of professionals are some of the best in this business. We (My wife and I) trained these guys with the help of the manufacturer on the very product you intend to purchase. Basically, they’re not a group of individuals who just started in construction a month ago. As a consumer you can rest assured that we are insured. Our insurance covers your building and your property. Not to mention, we unlike many other companies even carry workers compensation insurances. Basically, insurances are not a problem.

We care

Many say it but in contracting few provide it. I’m talking about empathy. Absolutely a word not used in the construction business but for us, its a word that guides each project. We want to make you happy and when we put ourselves in your shoes as a client, we can achieve just that.
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