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Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

If there’s one thing you expect from Los Angeles, it’s sunshine. After all, California is known far and wide as the Sunshine state. The part they don’t tell you about is all the heat that comes with that glorious sunshine. You can step outside for a bit of natural light and get slapped in the face with temperatures in the 90s or even over 100 degrees. For the Los Angeles homeowners, that’s not the ideal circumstance. So, what you can do? You can take advantage of the many kinds of aluminum patio cover kits available to you.

Why Aluminum for pergola DIY kits?

I’m sure that aluminum probably isn’t the first metal that springs to mind for any kind of construction, right? Isn’t that the same stuff that’s covering the leftovers in your fridge? Yep, it’s the same stuff. Of course, that aluminum foil is extremely thin. When it’s that thin, it’s very flexible. When you make it thicker, though, you get a very different kind of material.

That said, however, aluminum is surprisingly durable and strong. While not quite as strong or durable as stainless steel, it’s also about 1/3 the weight. That makes it ideal for shade structures kits you assemble yourself in your backyard or on your commercial property. If you’re really worried about strength, remember that aluminum is the same stuff they use to make commercial jets.
other benefits

Aluminum also offers a number of other benefits. It’s highly resistant to corrosion, which means it won’t rust into ruin on you. Add a durable finish, such as the Coraflon® fluoropolymer finish, and it’ll take just about any condition the Los Angeles weather can throw at it before you see even a bit of corrosion.

Moreover, aluminum won’t succumb to regular rot or dry rot. It’s utterly immune to termites, which makes it a big step up from most wood patio covers. Just as important for homeowners, aluminum is a less costly material to build with than any other kind of outdoor structure.

Pergola Options 

Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

Not every home and office building is built in the same style. That means you may not want just one type of shade structure. While a full coverage Newport style patio cover works with some homes, it may not be suitable for a commercial or office environment.
By the same token, a heavy gauge aluminum pergola might work great for the entrance to an office building but won’t make any sense outside your garage.

The good news is that aluminum shade structures come in style options that work for any building. Whether you need columns and latticework to complement your stately old home or sleek modern design for your law office, there’s a solution for you.

Depending on your shade structure selection, you also get canopy options. For example, if you only spend the occasional afternoon outside at home, you can get a manually retractable canopy for your pergola. They are typically made from sturdy mesh fabrics that breathe well while still protecting you from the sun.

Like things to be easy? You can go with a motorized canopy. Not only will these provide you with precise control over how much sun you get, they frequently come with remote controls. As an added bonus, many canopies are also waterproof, so you can just press a button when you see the clouds rolling in from the horizon.

Customization of your DIY patio cover kit

Aluminum Patio Cover KitsAluminum Patio cover kits come in two main flavors. Standard kits that come in a set of defined sizes and custom-sized kits. Custom-sized kits are for those offbeat properties that have odd boundaries or peculiarly shaped patios.

Just because the previous owners built a u-shaped patio around three sides of the house, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the outdoors. Just because your patio is narrow because the property drops off a veritable cliff in the backyard, it doesn’t reduce your need for some decent shade. That’s what custom sized Aluminum Patio Cover Kits are all about.

You can even take your pergola customization to the next level. Many Aluminum Patio Cover Kits or pergola kits come with a range of color options. A Trex pergola, for example, has 17 basic colors options you can pick from right out of the box. If none of those colors work, you can even get a custom paint tint to better match your home’s paint job or trim color.
Already have exterior structures, you can even color match to those for visual continuity.

Many shade structures also let you choose between attached and freestanding models. With our Aluminum Patio Cover Kits you can easily construction your pergola kit to look like it’s part of your house structure. Simply choose an attached model and color match with the house. Want it to look like a separate structure? Choose a freestanding Aluminum Patio Cover Kit and select a color that distinguishes it from your home.


Aluminum Patio Cover KitsDIY is a big thing for Americans. We love it, whether it’s restoring an old car in the garage or building a cabinet from scratch. There are entire television shows and YouTube channels devoted to just about every kind of DIY.

That’s exactly what Aluminum Patio Cover Kits and pergola kits are all about. They give you chance to install your own shade structure and reap all the personal satisfaction from a job well done. Out DIY Pergola and patio covers include directions and all of the hardware you need. The components even come with a manufacturer warranty.

Additionally, DIY installation is also a time investment. For the busy parent and working professional, it’s often time they can’t spare. That’s why offers professional design and even installation options for you. We’ll help you pick the right shade structure for your property and even have our team of professionals install it.

Got spare parts?

Need spare parts or repairs? We literally have you covered. Our ability to work with almost every major distributor in the US allows us access to just about any part to any Aluminum Patio Cover Kit there is made. Whether you have a vinyl pergola, fiberglass pergola, Alumawood patio cover or pergola, Duralum pergola or something in between, our staff and both repair and replace your missing or damaged parts.Aluminum Patio Cover Kits

Finally… no matter how much you love the Los Angeles sun, no one loves it all the time. When the temperatures start rising and you’ve got guests coming over to grill, no one wants to stand around in the heat. 

Our Aluminum Patio Cover Kits or pergola DIY kits offer you a way to enjoy the benefits of the sun without suffering when you go outside at reasonable prices.With customization options, you can pick the right color, size, style, and canopy for any home or commercial property. If you’re ready to take control of your outdoor living space, contact today.

Aluminum Patio Cover Kits
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Aluminum Patio Cover Kits
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