Alumawood Newport Patio Covers

Alumawood Newport patio covers are first of all affordable. Second, they are an excellent addition to any home in Los Angeles.  These non insulated covers are the ego-to choice for anyone looking for a covered driveway or as a simple carport cover. The Aluminum roofed panel system comes in multiple different color options. In the even that you are a handy DIY type individual, the Newport Alumawood patio cover is also available in the Alumawood kit. Lastly, patiocovered provides alumawood repairs all throughout Los Angele and Los Angeles county with replacement parts at our fingertips.

The Need for a Patio Cover in Los Angeles

Patio Cover in Los Angeles

Living in Southern California Means sun, and a lot of it. As a matter of fact, there are on average 284 sunny days out here. With so much sunlight comes heat and my friends, if you’re a native to this area you know that heat gets hot. Hence the need for affordable shade. Enter Alumawood Newport patio covers.


This Alumawood isn’t a revolutionary product nor are Patio covers produced in Aluminum are not new to the market. Aluminum patio covers have been widely used for many years. It’s primarily because they are affordable. 


How Affordable is Alumawood?

affordable patio covers

Well for starters it about 40% less than wood and anywhere from 30-40% less than vinyl depending on who or what contractor you are working with. Not to mention shape, design and installation. Those all play a key role in the cost effectiveness of Alumawood vs Wood. Material availability and type is the leading contributing factor for the difference in cost hence, the difference in the finally product. While price is a concern for many, it probably shouldn’t be your primary concern.  Try our handy calculator to see the average costs in Aluminum and compare that to wood or any other material.

The Newport Aluminum Patio Cover

The Alumawood Newport patio cover system is a magnificent and affordable patio cover system. Alumawood produces about three different patio cover systems. Our Newport aluminum patio cover is right in the middle of them all. What’s especially relevant about this cover is the fact that you can obtain the perfect amount of shade and not break the bank. The cover is a light weight aluminum which is far less expensive to produce than its counterpart, the insulated cover.  additionally, ceiling fans and lights are just two options which are available for the Newport cover. 

Alumawood Carport

Alumawood Carport

Covered driveways and carports are a perfect fit for this Alumawood Newport patio cover. As a matter of fact, Alumawood even manufacturers a special “pan” or cover especially for the Carport. These Newport pans come in multiple different pan sizes and each with a different Alumawood price. The thicknesses and width of the material also carries with it a difference in cost.

Alumawood Newport panels come in both 2″ and 2.5″ widths and the carport panels are 12″. The metal thickness availabilities are as follows.

  • .018
  • .024
  • .032
  • .036

Alumawood Colors for the Newport

While the wood patio cover has to be maintained on a regular basis, in contrast, the aluminum cover does not. For example, wood must be painted every other year depending on the area you live isn . Santa Clarita for example, gets pretty warm so there’s a good chance your wood cover will require service or repair more often than say Ventura where its fairly cool most of the time.

Alumawood for the most part requires virtually no maintenance. I say for the most part, because really, it requires “washing” on a regular basis. In essence, there is a little bit of maintenance but nothing compared to wood. 

The Newport cover comes in all seven colors offered by Amerimax aka Alumawood. The Alumawood Newport color ways can be singular or you can combine various color together. For example, you can have the posts and beam in a different color than the panels.  On the other hand, the carport cover will only be available in white.

2019 alumawood color choices

Alumawood Repairs

Everything in the world has a life span. That is to say, eventually, all things will parish. Of course we all discern and say that plastic will likely never deteriorate in hundreds of years. Yet still, Aluminum deteriorates. In time, yes, even Alumawood will ultimately fall apart before our eyes much like wood will turn to dust. We have an answer for that. Patiocovered offers repairs in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, Agoura, Pasadena and just about everywhere in the greater Los Angeles County and San Fernando valley. Patio covered provide repair services for Alumawood lattice and Insulated covers as well. We also provide repairs for wood patio covers as well.

Alumawood repairs

We have parts

Whereas most patio cover contractors in Los Angeles only perform installations, we do it all. Not only do we perform new installations of wood and aluminum products, perform repairs we also provide replacement parts.  we sell parts for wood patio covers and aluminum patio covers anywhere in California or, within the continental United States. Just give one of our team members a call and we’ll get you on the right track with your replacement parts.

Cost Of An Alumawood Newport Patio Cover

cost of an Alumawood Newport patio cover

If you’re like me, I absolutely hate spending money. So when i do, i probably like you look for the best product at the most reasonable price. That said, of course we live in Los Angeles where everything is expensive. Low and behold, we have this Alumawood product which when compared to wood or vinyl, is much more affordable. Now the affordable part really depends on the overall size of the project and attachment required. What does the attachment and size have to do with price?  For one thing, the attachment or lack of, might require additional labor, time and materials. All of which costs money. 

Alumawood Newport Kits

Patio cover kits in Los Angeles from Of course we all have a little DIY in ourselves. Well, some of us do right? For those of you how do have that need to build your own patio cover if not to save a few bucks, it’s but for the challenge. these patio cover kits are local here in Southern California and only a few days away. We can help you with the measurements and even the instructions. Should you find yourself in a pickle and need some help, give us a call. of course we’ll be there for the help or assistance.

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