Alumawood Newport Patio Covers

Living in Southern California Means sun, and a lot of it. As a matter of fact, there are on average 284 sunny days out here. With so much sunlight comes heat and my friends, if you’re a native to this area you know that heat gets hot. Hence the need for affordable shade. Enter Alumawood Newport patio covers. This Alumawood isn’t a revolutionary product nor are Patio covers produced in Aluminum are not new to the market. Aluminum patio covers have been widely used for many years. It’s primarily because they are affordable. 


affordable patio covers santa clarita

How Affordable is Alumawood?

Well for starters it about 40% less than wood and anywhere from 30-40% less than vinyl depending on who or what contractor you are working with. Material availability and type is the leading contributing factor for the difference in cost hence, the difference in the finally product. While price is a concern for many, it probably shouldn’t be your primary concern. 

The Newport Aluminum Patio Cover

The Alumawood Newport patio cover system is a magnificent and affordable patio cover system. Alumawood produces about three different patio cover systems. Our Newport aluminum patio cover is right in the middle of them all. What’s especially relevant about this cover is the fact that you can obtain the perfect amount of shade and not break the bank. The cover is a light weight aluminum which is far less expensive to produce than its counterpart, the insulated cover. 

Ceiling fans and lights are just two options which are available for the Newport cover. 

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