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Alumawood Replacement Parts

Alumawood replacement partsAlumawood replacement parts a-plenty

Everything breaks. Your car. Your dishwasher. The brand new drill I just bought like, 3 days ago and yes… even your Alumawood patio cover. Well, do not fret my friends. Patiocovered offers parts to fix the patio cover which you thought would stay damaged forever. Patiocovered offers Alumawood replacement parts.. We stock parts such as rafters, lattice bars, posts and post covers.  Ordering Alumawood replacement parts has never been easier.  Alumawood replacement parts not in stock are only a few days away.

Alumawood replacement parts can be easily installed by just about anyone with a drill, impact driver or even with basic hand tools. We sell only genuine Alumawood patio cover parts. Not aftermarket or parts probably made elsewhere. These parts are manufactured right here in sunny Southern California by Amerimax.

Replace these Alumawood replacement parts yourself (or hire us)DIY Alumawood kits

Thats correct. As stated previously, rather than hiring us to replace these components just do it yourself. All you will need are some basic tools such as drills, and screwdrivers. In some cases you may probably need to use a saw. But in general and what is most noteworthy is that we can order the parts custom to fit your situation. Opposite this, however, rather than trying to to mess with a repair or replacement, just hire us. That’s correct. You can just call us 661-309-1149 or go to our website at and we can take care of you.

What about the color differences?

Alumawood color optionsIn time, color fades on almost all materials left in the sun. The aluminum patio cover material may fade slightly over time, however, to prevent this… maintenance is key.   Alumawood offers may colors to choose from. For those patio covers with newer color choices the color should match perfectly. Older patio covers, however, as a result may require blending with paint.