patio cover repairs

Patio Cover Repairs

In the event that your patio cover ever becomes damaged, have no fear there are solutions. specializes in patio cover repairs of all types. Our team of specialists are familiar with all types of patio covers because after all, it’s all we do. For the most part, damage can come in multiple different types. For instance, we have dry rot, deterioration, insect damage or in the case of aluminum patio covers and denting.

No matter which type of material you have, be it wood or aluminum, pergola, lattice or covered roof, we have a solution for repairing your patio cover. Obviously, as a patio cover and deck construction only company we have access to all types of materials finishes completing just about any job, large or small throughout Los Angeles.

Wood Patio Cover Repairs

Wood Patio Cover Repairs

Over time, deterioration in wood patio covers is inevitable. Moreover, wood patio cover deterioration is almost expected.  It’s important to realize that the sun will wreak havoc on wood over long periods of time as does the elements. In like manner, havoc comes in all types of forms, even insects. Termites are insects that will literally destroy a patio cover.

With so many contractors in Los Angeles, there is no patio cover only contractors. None the less, we are patio cover only contractors. As a matter of fact, we only work on Alumawood patio covers, wood patio cover and walk on decks. That being said, occasionally we will pour a patio slab and even install some decomposed granite, but that’s rare nowadays.

Wood rot in patio covers

Wood rot in patio covers is a type of damage that will likely necessitate significant patio cover repair. Not only will dry rot appear as unsightly it can also be a significant structural and thus safety concern. In some cases, this rot can cause such catastrophic structural damage, we literally have to red tag the cover from any access underneath.  In a word, our job is to replace all Wood rot in your patio cover and make it appear good-as-new.

Termite damage and patio cover repairs

If natural deterioration of your patio cover does not occur, then it’s likely to be infested by insects such as termites. In contrast to dry rot, these little buggers will cause damage to the cover and you’ll never know it. How do they accomplish this? Easy, these termites will burrow into the wood and eat it from the inside out. Without knowing the signs of termite damage, you may never recognize it.  We perform patio cover repairs for termite damaged wood patio covers.

Wood Deck Repairs

Wood Deck Repairs

In the event your wood deck suffers moisture damage and requires repair, we perform wood deck repairs through the Los Angeles area. In many cases, most decks that suffer insect or wood rot can easily be repaired. Repairs which are significant or otherwise structural, are well within our abilities. On the other hand, we have the ability to coordinate with engineers to facilitate even the most difficult repairs. 

Most repairs with walk-on decks are performed with composite materials such as Trex for example. This is to say the material is not real wood or therefore subject to deterioration or insect infestation. 

Trex decking contractor in Los Angeles

Patiocovered offers the full line of Trex composite decking solutions. Trex composite decking is a beautiful solution to traditional wood deck and railing materials which are as previously mentioned, not susceptible to damages like wood.  Trex is Different from wood just as Aluminum is, Trex composite is a material that may cost slightly more than wood, but lasts forever… or at least a very long time. As Trex decking contractors here in Los Angeles, we have a great relationship with the suppliers which gives us great pricing breaks. As a result, we transfer those savings onto you the customer.

Aluminum Patio Cover Repairs

Aluminum Patio Cover Repairs

Most times, when we think of aluminum patio covers such as the ones manufactured by Alumawood, Duramax or Lustercote, we assume they are damaged easily. Most times, this is not the case. The biggest contributing factor to this is choosing the right thickness of aluminum for the cover, for its specific application.

Aluminum patio cover repairs are what we do.  No matter which part is damaged, we have a replacement repair for it. In fact, as one of the only Alumawood patio cover repair contractor, this service makes up a large percentage of our overall business.

Aluminum Patio Cover Replacement Parts

Whether you wish to hire an aluminum patio cover repair contractor like to facilitate your repair project or you wish to go it alone, we have the Alumawood replacement parts for you.

Depending on which manufacturer built your patio cover, we can obtain parts for most all companies such as Duraloom, Alumawood, and Lustercote. Aluminum patio cover replacement parts are mostly, very easily obtainable and can be available within days of your order. Even if the cover you have is a kit, we can still help with installation or instructions on how to install a patio cover.

Areas Of Service repairs patio covers throughout the greater Los Angeles area and Ventura Counties. Areas such as Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Santa Clarita, Burbank, Pasadena, Hollywood, Northridge, Malibu just to name a few. We cover almost all of Los Angels County and surrounding counties.


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