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The Patio Covered team | About Us

Patio Covered team

We’re not a huge big box type company. As a matter of fact, you may consider us to more of a smaller, boutique style company and to be honest, plan to keep it that way.  With our number one focus on the client and not becoming billionaires, smaller is better.  Sure, I’ll bet you’ve heard that a thousand times just as I have that how other companies all say how much they are “for the client”, when in fact, they are all about the numbers. Don’t get me wrong, of course we’re in business to make money. But we’ll never make any money in the now or in the future, if it’s the only thing we, the Patio Covered team concentrates on.

Let’s face it, construction isn’t the best place in the world to find the most stellar of individuals among us. Even for me, as a contractor, I have the exact same issues you might have when searching for a sub-contractor. Especially when choosing a contractor to install your patio cover, because let’s face it, everyone builds them.

A Local Patio Cover and Deck Only Company in Los Angeles

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Our Patio Covered team builds patio covers and decks. We don’t install kitchens or bathrooms. Why is this important? First off, it’s important because we only specialize in one thing, our material pricing is lower because of bulk purchasing. This translates into a lower cost for the product. Eventually, your cost ends up being lower.

Our crew is local to Los Angeles and try to work only within the confines of the Los Angeles area. Sure we’re based in Santa Clarita valley but we work in Malibu, Agoura, Thousand Oaks, Century City and all over. Being  a local company the guys we employ to build the covers and decks are also local to the area.

This is important because the Patio Covered team we have working on our covers and decks are happy to work.  Not only are they happy to work, they’re happy to work with you the client. Our crew although small compared to some other companies,  takes a great deal of pride in whatever job is at hand. Truly.

Let’s Meet the Patiocovered Team

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michelle mazza patio covered


Michelle comes from a background of serving people. She has worked as an elementary school teacher, realtor and of course managed a construction company. Her priority is customer service and making sure that the jobs are done to the highest standards. Michelle enjoys spending time at the job sites with her clients and the guys. 

Hobbies: Spending time with family and her dog, organizing things

Favorite Food: Guava Pastry from Portos

Favorite Vacation Spot: Lake Mead

Loves Most About Her Job:  All of the cute dogs that she gets to be around.

marc mazza patio covered


Marc has been a General Contractor for almost 20 years here in Los Angeles. His dad a builder, and brother a contractor in public works, he’s been around some type of building his entire life. After working with his dad until 1988, he and his brother started Mazza Specialties, a public works construction company until his brother moved to Texas in the late 1990s. Marc acquiring his General Contractors license about this time and started MAZZco. After having g terrible experience buying his first home, he also did home inspections as a way to help those avoid what he went through. 

HOBBIES: Cycling and working out, web design

FAVORITE FOOD: The Habits tuna sandwich 


LOVES MOST ABOUT HIS JOB:  The clients. Marc loves just hangin out with his clients.

francisco patio covered


Francisco has been a member of the Patio Covered team for a little over 3 years. He comes from a construction background working in primary custom residential. Working for one of the most popular high-end contractors in the Los Angeles area, his attention to detail earned him lead in the framing crew with his former employer. After all, your “finished product” is only as good as the framing.

HOBBIES: Horseback riding (Ask him about his horses)

FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican and Italian 

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Yosemite National Park

LOVES MOST ABOUT HIS JOB:  My favorite part of installing patio covers is meeting new people and knowing they are happy with their new patio that we built with our own two hands.

steve patio covered


Steve is a super quiet guy. At the same time, you’ll never catch this guy without a huge smile on his face. Super fun to be around, Steve truly just loves to work outside. Staying indoors is a total bummer for Steve. Being an outdoorsman, he hates being forced to stay inside all day. Steve comes from a landscape background but after a couple years of training, he’s  one of our crews best installers and craftsman on the Patio Covered team. As an owner there are some things you can teach a guy how to do. That said, there are things you can never teach someone. This are things like work ethic, joy in their craft and empathy for others. Steve has all of this and more. 

HOBBIES: Hiking and cooking (loves all things spicy)

FAVORITE FOOD: Mexican food especially, mole poblano and In n Out

FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Rode trip (North on Hwy 1). 

LOVES MOST ABOUT HIS JOB:  Working with different power tools, seeing the clients first reaction after a completed project that he helped build.

How to Choose A Patio Cover Contractor?

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Construction is construction right? Well, actually not. Patio covers are sort of a niche within the construction industry as a whole. For the most part, patio covers and decks being a separate structure, they can also be attached to the structure. With this in mind, this can cause a multitude of issues regarding engineering and installation. As a matter of fact, the building codes actually have a section within them that focus on patio covers and decks. Understanding these codes and having the ability to implement them in a way that’s not only safe but looks esthetically pleasing is an art. Our Patio Covered team works in, understands and follows the building codes as required all throughout  Los Angeles, Santa Clarita and surrounding areas.

Most general contractors here in Los Angeles who are not patio cover contractors primarily, have to learn as they go. With this in mind, as home owner you may want your contractor to intimately know and work within these code models daily and not as a secondary line of business.

4 Things To Look For In a Contractor Who Builds Patio Covers

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  1. Contractors are notorious for not communicating. We’re not perfect, but there’s one thing that is at the top of our priority list and thats communication. Our Patio Covered team does everything we can to get to every email, text and phone call that we get. And if for some reason we don’t, you’re welcome to call us out on it. It will only make our crew better!
  2. By and large, contractors have a terrible reputation for bing flakey.  In the first place, the work flakey isn’ even in our vocabulary. We are “johnny-on-the-spot” when it comes to communication and doing exactly what we say we will for our clients or soon to be customers.
  3. Insurance is something many contractors just do not have. I couldn’t imagine stepping out my door and into my car without some type of health or car insurance. Let alone, work on someones house without insurance. Of course, we possess insurance for everything.  In fact, we have general liability for your protection, workers comp, auto and medical. Did I leave any out?
  4. Who says appearance isn’t important? I’m willing to bet that as a consumer, your first impression of any person you intend to hire, is the determining factor for whether or not they get your business. Right? I mean let’s be honest, you’d likely never hire a total slob to be in charge of a product you intend on paying thousands of dollars for, right? in contrast, our guys are uniformed, drive work vehicles and keep the job site extremely clean, everyday. If you see a speck of debris from our guys just call Michelle, she’ll handle it, trust me.

What else do we do?

patio covered team


Our Patio Covered team offers a complete line of both wood patio covers be it custom or traditional as well as Alumawood products. Our wood patio covers and decks can be made exactly the way you want. Traditional or totally custom.  We work very closely with engineers and architects who can design just about anything you can imagine.


Alumawood patio coves are gaining popularity here in Los Angeles and outlining cities. As a matter of fact, Alumawood products outsell wood by a margin of 10:1. Why is this? I’s day it has alton to do with the fact that with aluminum patio covers, there is virtually zero maintenance. Whereas with wood, not only do you have to buy the cover and have it installed. Afterwards, you will have to paint, re paint and then replace it after a number of years. Contrast this with the Alumawood cover which never needs replacing. 


Dry rot, deterioration and just plain worn out patio covers need repairs and in some cases, wholesale replacement. Patio cover repairs here isn Los Angeles and throughout the greater Los Angeles county is what we, the Patio Covered team does. We really do have you covered. Whether you have a rotted out cover, deck or even fascia board, we have a fix for it. Yes, even fascia board replacement.  In general, we do a great deal of fascia repairs near you. As a matter of fact, many of our Alumawood patio covers that we install onto the fascia requires the fascia to be replaced. 

DIY Patio Cover Kits

Hey, if you want to try to build your own patio cover with a DIY kit, be our guest. Our Patio Covered team will sell you the kit and even provide the instructions to help you. That’s right, we have written instruction as well as a video to help you though the DIY Lattice and insulated patio cover kit installation process. So what are you waiting for? In the event you find yourself in a “pickle”. We can assist you with expert advice or just taking over and completing the project for you (it happens). Even if you mess up. we have replacement parts in hand.