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Alumawood Patio Cover Kits

We’re offering Alumawood patio kits that fit any living space, direct to you, right here in Los Angeles, for those of you who would like to save a few bucks. Our Alumawood kits come with everything a home owner will need to construct any one of these beautiful patio kits we have listed below here including installation guides. You need only bring your tools. If needed we offer phone support at no fee.

All of the alumawood DIY patio covers and cover kits offered here are of the same quality you’d expect from Amerimax otherwise known as Alumawood. Their embossed wood-like extruded aluminum pieces look and feel like real genuine wood. Accept no imitations, ask for Alumawood, the true aluminum patio shade structure.

We are Los Angeles sellers of Alumawood patio kits direct to the public. As a matter of fact, we’ve tried other cheaper aluminum patio cover manufacturers and found that when it comes to the look and feel of imitation wood patio covers, this brand can’t be touched.

Alumawood Lattice Patio Covers and Patio Cover Kits Direct

Alumawood lattice patio kits direct to the consumer, such as this laguna cover are offered at an affordable price. If you’re that kind of person who as a child love to toy with erector sets then the Alumawood patio kits direct, should be a piece of cake to build. In fact, there no need to call in an expensive contractor with you at the helm.

These lattice patio cover kits have all the components you need to build a beautiful professional patio cover kit. And if you run into trouble, we offer phone support to assist.

Lattice patio kits direct to you, come with all the standard components one would expect from Amerimax.

  • 2×6 rafters
  • 3×8 beam
  • 3×3 posts
  • 2×6 ledger
  • Choice of 1.5 x 1.5, 2×2 and 2×3
  • lattice shade bars
  • 7 Different color choices mix n match-able
  • Hardware and sealants

Alumawood Insulated Patio Cover Kits

Next on our list of Alumawood patio kits is the IRP or insulated roof paneled cover. In a word, this is the flagship DIY patio cover when compared to all other Alumawood patio covers. As a matter of fact, what most people don’t know about the insulated cover is that it offers an “R” rating. This is to say it possesses insulating capabilities for your living space below. Not to mention the fact that this “R” rating is noticeable. Exactly what is the “R” rating for patio covers you ask? Well, Alumawood’s 3” panel is 13.95 which is amazing.

Effectively, the thickness of the piece is what gives it its ability to resist heat transfer through the patio covers panel into your living space below, such as in the case of radiant heat. Finally, this lack of heat transfer is the primary contributing factor to what is so much cooler sitting area underneath this cover as opposed to a traditional wood cover for example.

Much like the Lattice patio covers, the insulated patio kits come with all the standard components one would expect from Amerimax.

  • 3×8 beam
  • 3×3 posts
  • 2×6 ledger
  • 4 foot wide insulated roof panels
  • 2 Different color choices
  • Lights and fans optional
  • Hardware, flashings and sealants
With the instructions for these patio kits we provide anyone can put these together. For one thing, if you get in a pinch, our experienced installers are here for help with free phone support. When it comes to expanding your living space, we have you covered.

Alumawood Newport Patio Cover Kits

Non insulated Patio Cover Kits direct to the public

The Alumawood Newport DIY patio kits are our most affordable covered patio system available. One should remember, the Newport cover offers shade and cover from the rain in an affordable that is just too easy to put together and expand on your outdoor living space.

Similarly, these DIY patio kits/aluminum shade structures direct to the public come with everything you need to have a beautiful patio cover that is less than it takes to drive to Vegas, gamble a few bucks on the slots, get a hotel, and come back. On the positive side, we carry parts that are readily available in case you mis-cut a piece or otherwise damage components, we have more. Ask for your custom quote for your patio cover kit today.

Keep in mind that we not only sell Alumawood patio cover kits/aluminum shade structures direct to the public, we install patio cover kits. We also provide service, repairs, and parts to the Alumawood patio covers.  Much like the insulated DIY patio cover parts list, the Newport shares a similar list. These patio covers and patio kits come with all the standard components one would expect from Amerimax.

  • 6” Flat pan
  • 3×8 beam
  • 3×3 posts
  • 2×6 ledger
  • 7 Different color choices mix n match-able
  • Hardware, flashings, and sealants

Carport Non Insulated Covers

alumawood patio cover kits

Traditional / Carport Cover Parts and Accessories

I cannot think of anything more exciting than building your very own DIY patio cover.

Of course, there are a few things equally as fun. Nevertheless, This kit is called the “traditional or carport kit” or aluminum shade structures, and for good reason. You guessed it. All things considered, it’s chiefly due to the Newports simplistic design. Likewise, its simplistic installation methods go hand in hand. Ask for your custom quote for your DIY patio cover kit today.

Important to realize, this baby is the bare bones of the Alumawood DIY patio cover lineup. Hence, these aluminum shade structures allow the consumer to obtain shade and cover from our Los Angeles sun for the most affordable of the affordable covers we offer. If you’re up to tackling the job of cutting and screwing your way into the shade, take my word for it… this cover is just for you. Finally, a DIY patio cover kit that is beautiful and affordable.

  • 12” Flat pan
  • 3×8 beam
  • 3×3 posts
  • 2×6 ledger
  • 1 color choice
  • Hardware, flashings, and sealants

alumawood patio cover kits

About us | Alumawood patio covers parts, repairs, and accessories

In case you may or not know by now, we offer patio covers and patio cover kits doirect to the public. In addition, we also carry replacement parts repairs, service, and new installation of both wood patio covers as well as the obvious… Alumawood patio covers. Our crew is made of some of the best DIY patio cover installers in all of Los Angeles and beyond.

Our guys were handpicked because of their ability to work one on one with our clients, you, and perform an excellent installation. For one thing, our group of guys are not minimum wage guys. These men are top wage earners within the construction industry. Furthermore, Patiocovered provides all the necessary insurances for your protection when building our aluminum patio shade structures. One should expect this from a contractor. Stop by our showroom in Valencia California to see some sample covers and get design ideas.

Alumawood Patio Cover Warranties

Regardless of whether you install the DIY patio cover or we do, the manufacturer offers a lifetime transferrable limited warranty on all patio covers and aluminum patio shade structures. For more on this, visit here.

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