Custom patio covers santa clarita

Custom Patio Cover

Thinking about a custom cover or deck?

We’re all about choices ,which is the primary reason our website was developed in the style it is. Really, our goal was to get our clients thinking of different ideas when it comes to obtaining shade, style and beauty.

There are so many different styles of covers and decks that it would be impossible to have them all on display within this site.  But not to worry… if you can imagine it, we can build it so long as it can be approved by the building and safety department within your jurisdiction.

So for those of you who feel limited by our selection, we say to you… browse the web and look for ideas that you can present to us. If that doesn’t work…, drive around town and take pictures, sketch-out or finger paint your vision onto paper and we’ll ponder ideas along side you towards a final product.

Oh yeah, we offer 3D cad designing so once we narrow your concept of the type of structure you’re interested in, we can take that idea and place it onto an image of your back or front yard. This way you can see your concept in a realistic setting, exactly how it will look.