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Alumawood Insulated patio cover

What is an IRP, or otherwise known as an “insulated roofed Maxx panel insulated“? Amerimax, AKA Alumawood, produces patio covers that actually have high-density foam insulation sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum with a cedar embossed appearance. This foam insulated panel is what keeps the radiant heat from passing through the top of the cover and then onto your skin.

Essentially, the radiant heat is what makes you uncomfortable under your Maxx panel insulated patio cover. The Maxx panel, cover reduces the heat transfer through the cover. 

Alumawoods R-value of their panels

When you choose to install the Alumawood Insulated panel (Maxx panel) in your patio cover, believe it or not, you can actually feel the difference. How, do you ask? Well to start off, the high-density solid patio cover foam panels are resistant to radiant heat as mentioned, which makes sitting under these covers more enjoyable.

Wilki says it like this... “In building and construction, the R-value is a measure of how well an object, per unit of its exposed area, resists the conductive flow of heat: the greater the R-value, the greater the resistance, and so the better the thermal insulating properties of the object.” Call us for more information (661) 212-1446

R rating for insulated alumawood panel

Why “R” Values Are Important In a Patio Cover Roof

Take into consideration, we can’t really achieve an “R” rating of 140R because we can’t manufacturer the panels at a thickness of 10″, that would look a little weird. Our cedar embossed insulated panels supplied by Amerimax are 3″ in thickness and the R-rating for these panels hoover around *13.95R according to Elitealuminum products, give or take a few micro R’s.

Alumawoods R-value of their panels

“Sitting under these Maxx panel insulated covers is like sitting under the most shady-est shady tree you can find… Really.”

Alumawood Santa Clarita

The Maxx panel insulated roof is the flagship of the entire Alumawood patio cover line up. Not only are the insulated patio covers more affordable than wood, but they’ll never cost you a single dollar in maintenance! 

Everything you see in the attached image (above) is what the Maxx panel, Alumawood insulated cover system is equipped with…

  • Posts and post covers
  • Insulated roof (Maxx panel)
  • Panel attaching hardware
  • Side plates (on either side of the cover)
  • Gutter system
  • Wrap kit (pieces at the front of the cover that stick out)
  • Steel post inside beam (optional)
  • Beam
  • Painted to resist scratches corrosion and fading

And If All That’s Not Enough… Here Are Three More Reasons To Consider The Maxx Panels

Reason #1alumawood insulated panel

Easy-to-install locking system which easily snaps together during installation and increases strength and performance. Aluminum extruded gutter system – A thicker grade gutter system that provides superior life and performance. (Optional leaf guard available).

Reason #2alumawood insulated panel

Alumawood patio covers boast a painted aluminum resists scratches corrosion and fading. It’s an embossed finish with an 8″ Plank Design.  Although the material is aluminum, it’s still a durable dual-layered system that provides a superior finish. Not only is it a durable finish, but it resists scratches, corrosion, and fading. It also requires less maintenance than most other finishes.

Reason #3alumawood insulated panel

The fan beam is an aluminum channel that runs through the center of the Maxx panel and provides a means of attachment to the panel seamlessly. 

Lights for Solid Roof Patio Covers

recessed patio cover light

Want to add to your (outdoor living space) experience? Lights are absolutely an option for alumawood patio covers. Alumawood used to carry these really cool light bars they called “light strips”.  It should be noted that lights cannot be installed into a lattice patio cover.

Now, if you would like illumination under your solid roof aluminum patio we use Disk lights, even for home kits. These lights are also 600-700 lumens and install quite easily.

Alumawood patio cover maintenance

Amerimax’s (®rights reserved) outdoor living space, shade structures are easy to maintain. Generally, normal rainfall is sufficient to keep its appearance clean. If cleaning is required, they recommend an occasional washing the Maxx panel with clear water using a garden hose and soft-bristled brush. Fact is, the paint is actually designed to resists scratches corrosion.  Also, we recommend that you look into the optional leaf guard for the gutter system.

Limited-Lifetime Material Warranty

Amerimax (outdoor living space) exterior home products, Norcross, Georgia (hereinafter referred to as “Amerimax”) warrants that its Alumawood Lattice, solid patio cover, Carport, DIY kits, and Awning products manufactured by Amerimax which are installed at the location shown on this warranty certificate will not split, and the superior finish will not chip, peel, flake or blister under conditions of normal wear for the life of the original retail purchaser.

This warranty is TRANSFERABLE by the original retail purchaser to a subsequent owner of the product during the first ten (10) years of warranty coverage.

DIY Patio Cover Kits…How Easy Are They to Install?

recessed patio cover light

Installing a DIY solid patio cover kit into your outdoor living space is essentially made like a jigsaw puzzle anyhow. Amerimax builds these Alumawood insulated patio kits custom to each individual order. As a matter of fact, these DIY patiocoverkits are usually installed in just a few hours for smaller less complicated systems. Call us for more information (661) 212-1446


Take a look at this quick video which illustrates how the Maxx panel insulated roof system connect together.

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What is an IRP, or otherwise known as an "insulated roofed Maxx panel"? Amerimax, AKA Alumawood, produces a patio cover roof that actually has high-density foam insulation sandwiched between two pieces of aluminum. This foam insulated panel is what keeps the radiant heat from passing through the roof of the cover and then onto your skin. Why is this important? Essentially, the radiant heat is what's going to make you hot and uncomfortable while relaxing under your patio cover. The Maxx panel, Insulated cover reduces the heat transfer through the covers roof. Other roof systems like for example, concrete tile or torch-down do little in the way of offering any resistance to this heat transfer.
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