Alumawood IRP Roof Panel

When you choose to install the Alumawood Insulated roof panels (Maxx IRP) in your patio cover believe it or not, you can actually feel the difference. How so you ask? Well to start off, the insulated high density foam panels are resistant to radiant heat which is nice when you’re trying to relax under your new cover enjoying your iced tea. There is a reason it’s called “Iced Tea”, and not melted ice, watered-down tea.

So if you’re in the market for a new patio cover and actually like Ice in you “Iced tea”, ask a representative to bring you a sample of this stuff… I’m sure you’ll agree that its not only beautiful to look at, comfortable to sit under, but saves ice.

Sitting under these insulated panels is like sitting under the shady-est shady tree you can find. Really.

alumawood patio cover santa clarita

And if that’s not enough… here are three reasons to consider the Maxx panels.

Reason #1

Easy-to-install locking system which easily snaps together during installation and increases strength and performance.
Aluminum extruded gutter system – A thicker grade gutter system that provides superior life and performance. (Optional leaf guard available.)

Reason #2

Painted aluminum embossed finish with 8″ Plank Design – This durable dual layer system provides a superior finish that resists scratches, corrosion and fading. It also requires less maintenance than most other finishes.

Reason #3

Integrated Aluminum Fan Beam Option:
Made of extruded aluminum and is surrounded on all sides by foam for better lamination and to reduce telegraphing.

Lightstrip® Option:
The LightStrip® is an ingenious, innovative, patented product new to the aluminum patio cover industry. For the first time, you can have recessed lighting built into your aluminum patio covers with The LightStrip® Recessed Lighting System!



Alumawood when compared to traditional roof coverings out performs, hands down.

Alumawood when compared to traditional roof coverings out performs, hands down. The images displayed here were both taken on the same day literally within minutes of one another. The images here show a patio cover made of wood with a concrete tile roofing system. While the image on the right is the Alumawood MAXX panel, insulated roofing system. Notice that even the ambient air temperatures (upper right corner numbers) are different when underneath the two covers.

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