Arched Vinyl Patio Covers

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Los Angeles Custom Vinyl Pergolas and Patio Covers

Structureworks vinyl, which is reinforced with aluminum, offers you some of the strongest pre-made arched pergola kits on the market. Not only do these arched pergolas provide superior strength, you can also choose from a range of cost-effective design option. The vinyl components of these pergola kits are light and require substantially less maintenance than traditional materials, like wood. We can craft you a purely traditional pergola or one that adapts seamlessly into your home or office architecture, the only limit is your imagination. Because we only build pergolas, patio covers and decks here in Los Angeles, we feel we can best understand the consumer. That is to say, we know what Angelinas want. By and large, the products which are most sold I this area, hover around the wood, vinyl, Aluminum and Trex product lines. In fact, If I had to break it down further, I’d go as far as to say the vinyl pergolas are somewhere at the top of this list.

We do custom

Talk with us about your ideal pergola, and we’ll handle the design end of things. These vinyl pergolas come standard with a semi-gloss white finish. An arched pergola isn’t just a way to create some shade or for your Los Angeles home or office. It can serve as the focal point for an entire outdoor living experience.

Not seeing what you want? We also do custom...

If you don’t see your dream design here, don’t worry. We can customize a pergola kit to almost any design idea you can imagine.

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Unlike other companies, we don’t fill our rafters with wood that will just rot in time… our rafters are filled with aluminumPatio Covered

  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles
  • Modular pergola kit Los Angeles


The Aspen vinyl pergola comes standard with double beams at 2” x 8”. These beams support 2” x 6” arched rafters. You’ll enjoy shade from 1 ½” x 1 ½” stringers that are installed at 9” on center. Every vinyl pergola comes complete with durable stainless steel hardware. You can build the perfect outdoor escape when you take advantage of our accessory options, such as

  • Ceiling Fans
  • Electric Heaters
  • Lighting
  • Canopy
  • Curtains

Beams – Our beams are made from hollow, aluminum reinforced vinyl and come in double 2″ x 8″
Rafters – Our arched rafters are made from hollow, aluminum reinforced vinyl, 2” x 6”, and are installed at 24″ on center
Stringers – Our stringers are also hollow vinyl, 1 ½” square, and installed at 9” on center

Example of Reinforced I Beam
Vinyl pergolas and patio covers by

More features and specifications

Our Aspen arched pergola adds a different dimension to the traditional pergola or patio cover look. For one thing, the vinyl is a material that will virtually last forever and unlike old, requires little maintenance. Contrast our vinyl products to those other companies who fill their rafters with wood which will eventually rot out.

Thus living you with a structurally unsound patio cover. Here are a few additional features our vinyl patio covers offer;

  • Low maintenance
  • Only US-made virgin vinyl is used
  • Available in freestanding or attached models
  • Pre-fabricated components come as a system
  • Durable stainless steel hardware

Attached pergolas

When the pergolas are attached to the wall, there are two columns which support the beams at the front of the cover. The ledger is attached to the wall of the building and the rafters attach to that and rest on the beam at the front of the pergola.
Attached pergolas come with two columns that provide support for double beams on the front of the pergola. The rafters are supported at the building by ledger attached to the exterior wall.

Picture of width and projection

Freestanding pergolas

With the freestanding pergolas, the beams are supported by four individual posts and the rafters rest perpendicular on the beams at the front and the back of the cover.

Picture of width and projection


Column Dimensions
  • 12″ x 10′ High Round Tapered Column
  • 10″ x 8′ High Round Tapered Column
  • 12″ x 8′ High Square Tapered Column
  • 10″ x 8′ High Square Column
  • 8″ x 8′ High Square Column
  • 10″ x 8′ and 8″ x 8′ High Square Classic Trim Column
  • 5″ x 8′ High Square Vinyl Column
  • 8″ x 8′ High Square Column with Decorative Base
Picture of width and projection

Every fiberglass column comes painted by our ColorLast finish. Furthermore, when ordering the columns, you can opt for a custom color if you need to match an existing color scheme.

In fact, much like the other columns we sell, these columns employ the TensionRod™ mounting system for security. For one thing, this system makes installation easy and ensures you get a solid foundation for the pergola. Columns come standard with hardware for concrete but we also provide an adapter kit for mounting your pergola onto a deck.

Standard vinyl pergola widths and projections

First thing to remember is that our arched vinyl kits come in six standard sizes. Certainly check the charts below to see the sizes for freestanding and attached kit sizes. In case you don’t see the right size for your project, let us know. You can get a custom pergola that will work for your project.

Picture of width and projection


All of our fiberglass columns come with the ColorLast finish. You can also get a custom color if you need to match an existing color scheme. Our columns employ the TensionRod™ mounting system. This system ensures you get a solid foundation for the pergola. Columns come standard with hardware for concrete should you order the kit. Additionally, we can add an adapter kit for mounting your pergola onto any deck surface.

  • Choose a single color or multi color finish
  • For specialized projects, select custom paint tinting
  • This material provides excellent performance in Los Angeles temperatures
  • Protection from finish cracking, peeling, or blistering for up to 20 years
  • Resists scratches and chips

Permits and Engineering

  • Los Angeles pergola engineering
  • Los Angeles pergolas


In some cases, Engineering is often necessary with certain pergola installations here in Los Angeles. For the most part, anytime you have a patio cover or pergola where the structure does not meet the over-the-counter- standard plan. In which case, an engineer is needed to design, provide calculations and drawings to obtain building permits.


Within the city of Los Angeles and outer areas, building permits are required when adding a permanent structure attached or detached to the building. Building permits can be obtained via the building and safety department. We always suggest our clients obtain building permits for all of our projects.


Why choose patiocovered?

Picture of width and projection Why choose patiocovered over so many other contractors in Los Angeles? For one, I think we offer the one thing that almost no other contractor in Los Angeles can bring to the table. Empathy. I know, sort of and old fashioned word especially here in LA, but really, it’s a word we model our company around. If you ask me, I think it’s impossible to run a service company and not have empathy. How can you provide good service if you can’t see the process from your customers perspective?

Not only do we offer vinyl products, but we also offer a whole host of other building products. Some of these products include fiberglass, Trex, and wood. We service much of Los Angeles, Los Angeles county, Ventura County and even areas of Riverside.

As a patio cover and pergola only company, it allow us to buy in larger quantities than other contractors which we happily pass along to our customers.

Not only do we super cool patio covers like the new “Level” modular unit, decks and pergolas, we also provide a few other useful services as well.

Some of our services

  • Refinishing of existing pergolas and patio covers
  • Some repairs to existing Wood patio covers and pergolas
  • Repairs to existing Aluminum patio covers and pergolas
  • Relocating existing pergolas and patio covers
  • Patio cover and pergola make-overs

Here’s a short list of some other products we offer

Los Angeles contractors are not all the same

With so many local contractors building patio covers, what makes such a great prospect for your new project? Is it because we offer so many different patio cover and pergola material choices? Maybe it’s because we only build patio covers and pergolas here in Los Angeles?
If I were asked what I think our best attribute is I’d have to it’s our ability to connect with the consumer. In other words, we possess the ability to work within the budget and ideas of our buyers without the need to attempt to upsell them on things that, well, they may not need.

We truely care

One thing you have to understand is that we’re consumers just like you. Let’s face it, the construction business is full of individuals who are less than credible. Because of this, I totally understand why so many people are apathetic about looking for a company to build for them.
We on the other hand, are empathetic to you, your needs and concerns. That’s it. When we say we care about our clients that’s exactly what we mean. We do go the extra distance in making sure our clients get what they are paying for an more importantly, are happy with our service.

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