Louvered Roof Installation Santa Clarita

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Louvered Roof Installation In Santa Clarita

Louvered Roof Installation Santa Clarita
Louvered roof patio covers are also known as Smart Patio covers and Patiocovered performs louvered roof installation in Santa Clarita. So look no further.

in case you didn’t already know, Santa Clarita Valley is a small community North of Los Angeles with around 300,000 people. Most of the homes in the Santa Clarita Valley are more or less newer. With these newer homes, people need a patio cover providing shade in the super hot summers.

Materials Used to Build Louvered Roof Pergolas in Santa Clarita

Louvered Roof Installation Santa Clarita

The material used to build these beautiful pergolas is aluminum. Wood or other materials with the exception of steel are not ideal. Moreover, the aluminum used to build the louvered pergola is a strong material known as an extrusion. No matter what your project demands, the extruded aluminum can accommodate almost any installation.

Installation of this material takes a great deal of experience. Patiocovered of Santa Clarita are a patio cover and pergola-only construction company. Complete with all the necessary insurance and licenses, you can rest assured that patiocovered can convert your outdoor living area into a utopian dream.

Who Sells Louvered Pergolas in Santa Clarita?

Louvered pergola Installation Santa Clarita With so many construction companies claiming to be professionals at Louvered roof installation Santa Clarita there really is only one. Patiocovered located within the SCV for over 20 years. Homeowners who want these smart pergolas know that in order to install them in their outdoor living area the contractor must be experienced.

Most of the residents who live locally choose patiocovered as their contractor knowing that no matter what type of pergola you are looking for we can provide that service. Our shop is located at the property, 21170 Centre Pointe Parkway Santa Clarita, 91350. Additional information can be found on our website.

Patiocovered has the Largest Louvered Patio Cover Showroom In Los Angeles

Santa Clarita louvered patio covers or pergolas Our showroom has the most louvered patios of any patio store in Los Angeles, USA. guests can come down and browse the showroom and see pergolas like Alumawood, 4K, Equinox louvered roof systems, the Azenco louvered pergola, Ceda-Alum and Solara Louvered roof pergolas provide architectural style, and wood if that’s the patio system you’re interested in.

What are some options for Louvered Roof Pergolas in Santa Clarita?

Santa Clarita louvered patio covers or pergolas With every Louvered roof company comes options. With Solara, you have the ability to add rafters and with Azenco you have the ability to add surround lighting on the outside of the pergola. In the same fashion, additions to your Smart Pergola can in some cases seem necessary right? For example, you almost always require a ceiling fan or lights so in many cases, these items are needed.

Even More options…

On the other hand, options such as heaters and a sun shade although expensive, may not be a necessity like fans or lights are. Likewise, there are color options, material size options accessory features, and control options.. as you can see the features can be almost endless depending on your project.

Louvered Roof Patios Are Watertight

Alumawood patio covers in Santa Clarita Most of our customers ask the question, “Are your louvered roof systems watertight”? The short answer is yes they are. The more complicated answer is it depends. Okay, so depending on the type of louver you choose, flat like Azenco or curved like the equinox, they may or may not allow rainwater during bad weather to enter the open space underneath.

Flat louver designs seal against the integrated gutter system, therefore, closing the gap between the louver and the gutter sealing off any possibility of water passing beyond the structure.

On the flip side, louvers like the ones sold by Outdoor Elements are curved which is more likely to allow water to splash out of the gutter and onto the property below.

Patio covers and Your Outdoor Living Area

In this part of the country, Santa Clarita LA, especially, the sun can be brutal. Awnings and patio systems are almost a necessity. Not only do these covered patios enhance the overall backyard experience, and allow for comfort in a variety of ways, but they also improve the resale of the home as well.

Designing Your Perfect Patio in Santa Clarita

The design of a Smart patio system starts with determining the type of system that fits your yard. Colors are of the more important elements of the cover. Other items like does the cover link to your phone or link to your other smart devices. Our customers will typically go through a series of back and forth with the designer to determine what accessories or elements they’d like to see built into their personal system.

FAQs on Louvered Patio systems

Santa Clarita louvered patio covers or pergolas

Are louvered roofs worth it?

Louvered roof patio systems offer versatility. How so you ask? Well, it’s the only patio cover that allows homeowners the ability to open and close the roof as they see fit.

Are Louvered roofs Noisy?

I’d have to say that the only part of a louvered smart patio that is noisy would be the motor. Depending on the manufacturer, the motor can be extremely noisy like the one on my Outdoor Elements patio at my own house, or as quiet as the ones that come don’t the Azenco louvered roof pergolas.

Who offers louvered roof services in Santa Clarita?

Patiocovered or Santa Clarita offers louvered roof installations. not only do we sell louvered roof pergolas we also install and service them.

Santa Clarita for Pergolas and Patio Covers

Patiocovered offers a great deal in the way of pergolas. We sell Alumawood, 4K systems, Equinox, Ceda-Alum, and Duralum. Not only do we sell these patio covers but we service them and offer repairs and parts.