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The Equinox louvered roof system is probably one of the most recognized louvered patio covers on the market. When considering an aluminum louvered roof system there are multiple different suppliers. But how are you to know which is best for your outdoor living space?

If I were to offer one piece of advice it would be.. choose a product that has longevity in the louvered roof business. Like the Equinox louvered roof. Not only is it one of the oldest louvered roof systems but it's likely the most dependable.

Equinox® Warranty

Equinox patio cover warranty
Paint is a big part of what makes the Equinox® a great patio cover. Protected by a thick coat of heat applied "Powdercoat", it's guaranteed to last for years. In fact, the warranty for the Equinox adjustable patio cover is 20 long years. Powder coat paint is an application where the paint is actually a powder and goes on dry. Then, the paint is baked inside an oven for durability. The Equinox system comes in 5 standard colors, however, custom colors are available with a 10-12 week lead time.
equinox paint options

Equinox® Color choices

  •  Equinox patio covers in Los Angeles
  •  Equinox patio covers in Los Angeles
  •  Equinox patio covers in Los Angeles
  •  Equinox patio covers in Los Angeles
  •  Equinox patio covers in Los Angeles

Louvered Patio Covers

Your outdoor space, like for many, is a retreat from the stress of everyday life. When considering a louvered patio cover one must also take into consideration the benefit the Equinox louvered roof systems offers to the homeowner.


No matter if you're a homeowner looking to expand their patio outdoor living area for entertaining, or if you own a restaurant and are looking for more square feet to fit a few extra tables... we have you covered. Literally.

The Equinox louvered roof system is perfect for any residential or commercial application throughout the Los Angeles area.

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Louvered Patio Cover Images

Here are a few samples of our louvered roof system, both commercial and residential, completed throughout Southern California. The motorized louvered roof is the perfect way to enjoy outdoor living in your backyard patio all year long.


Louvered pergola Installation in Los Angeles

As a dealer for the Equinox brand, we can install your louvered pergola throughout the Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. Our uniformed installation service experts are very familiar with this material and understand the exact installation standards. As a service company, it's our job to ensure you get the most for your money with respect to material, and installation not to mention overall service experience.

Equinox louvered components

When considering a louvered roof one must consider the options. Most all louvered roof systems come complete with posts, beams, louvers, lights, heaters, various sensors, solar powered, and more.

motorized louvered roof
Louvered pergolas

Louvered Lighting

Like with most other louver pergolas, the Equinox system also has lighting options available. With the addition of 4" recessed lights at 700 lumens each, your guests won't be in the dark while entertaining.


Sure sunny California has its fair share of cloudy, overcast and sometimes cold days throughout the year. But that doesn't mean it should keep you from enjoying your Equinox Louvered Pergola.

Add an infrared or gas heater to your patio cover and take advantage of your outdoor oasis no matter what time of the year it is.

Louvered roof system in Los Angeles
Louvered roof system

Smart Phone Capabilities

Open or close the Equinox louvered roof by way of a smart device such as a phone or tablet. Our patio cover will come with the optional smart control system.

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Louvered Patio Covers

Your outdoor space, like for many, is a retreat from the stress of everyday life. When considering a louvered patio cover one must also take into consideration the benefits the louvered roof system offers to the homeowner.

Additional Covered Space

Aluminum louvered roofs are the perfect answer for those who want uncompromising versatility. The Equinox louvered roof system allows the end-user the ability to enjoy outdoor entertaining with guests, additional seating, an outdoor dining area, or just a place to gather no matter what the weather is like.

Rain Protection

Louvered roofs, more specifically the Equinox louvered roofs offer shade during the summer and protection from the rain. An Equinox roof can be solar-powered and operated by the use of remote control. With architectural style unmatched by others, these extruded aluminum patio cover systems provide the exact amount of protection in any weather condition.


Louvers are not only functional with the ability to control light, full sun, ventilation, and weather conditions, they are extremely stylish. Make your outdoor living space an oasis by adding the Equinox louvered roof to your backyard.

Furthermore, Equinox louvered roof system has beams that are sleek as well as other extruded aluminum components. A patio cover does not have to be that some old wooded eyesore that will eventually deteriorate into dust.

Enjoy your outdoor living space with a patio cover

How many options do you really have when it comes to patio covers and your outdoor living area? In reality, not too many. Patio covers come in various styles, shapes, and materials.

For greater durability and when maximum ventilation is desired, many choose the remote control Equinox louvered roof. Let's be honest, the patio is an open canvas that when properly planned, can be your escape from the pressures of life.