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Ceda-Alum Louvered pergolas

Affordable Louvered Roof Pergolas / Ceda-Alum


Why Ceda-Alum Is So Affordable

There are really only two different types of Pergolas in Los Angeles that are popular... Roll formed like the Alumawood and Extruded Aluminum like the Azenco system.

There are a few reasons why the Ceda-Alum is the most affordable louvered pergola in Los Angeles. First is that the Ceda-Alum louvered pergola uses both roll-formed aluminum and extruded aluminum. Most all louvered pergola companies only use extruded aluminum. The process for extruding aluminum is extremely detailed and expensive. After which they have to be powder coated.

On the other hand, the process for roll-forming aluminum is quite easy and relatively affordable. Not to mention the aluminum itself is thinner which in and of itself saves money. And, the roll-formed aluminum gets painted and not powder coated.

How Ceda-Alum Is Made


Ceda-Alum offers and exceptional product. They use the roll-formed material for the beams and posts and the extruded for the louvers.


Ceda-Alum’s Operating system

The most affordable louvered pergola in Los Angeles happens to be the easiest to operate. Just a simple motor and a simple remote control. Nothing fancy here, just a fundamental system. Unfortunately, they do not have an app to operate the system as of yet.

The good news is that the fewer electronics you have, the less chance you have to experience electrical component failure. Even though the Ceda Alum system is basic it is by no means cheap or made of flimsy materials. The motor is a robust actuator that is very powerful and made to last for years and years with zero issues.


Ceda-Alum Options

Ceda-Alum is not known for having strip or perimeter lighting that changes colors with the use of a phone. You can, however, add recessed lights to the system as well as fans, heaters, or shades.

Keep in mind although the Ceda-Alum is the most affordable system in Los Angeles it still maintains the ability to expand and add lights, fans heaters, and such. So feel free to custom design the system your way.

Affordability & Durability Meets Beauty

After selling quite a few different brands of louvers here in Southern California, I have to admit, the Ceda-Alum system is just as lovely as any other brands out there. Of course, there are huge differences between some of the standard options of their competitors but really, if you are looking for a beautiful, basic affordable, dependable louvered pergola look no further..

Ceda-Alum’s Color Options for their Louvered roof system

There are 9 color options for The Ceda Alum Louvered roof system here in Los Angeles. (Colors may vary from web image)

  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergolas in Los Angeles

Ceda-Alum Adjustable Patio Cover Warranty

Lifetime Warranty - Posts, beams, rafters, and other structural components are covered by Ceda Alum for their lifetime. Not only are they covered but they are transferrable to new owners should you sell your home or business.

Electronics have a 5-year warranty – Ceda-Alum offers a 5-year warranty on all their electronics such as the motherboard, transformers, and remote after installation

10-year warranty for moving parts – All of the parts that rotate or move during operation of the louvers are covered for 10 years

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