Alumawood Patio Covers Santa Clarita

alumawood patio covers santa clarita

Alumawood Patio Covers

Serving Santa Clarita, Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Patiocovered is located in Santa Clarita but serves most all of Los angeles. We offer an affordable line of shade structures called Alumawood which offer an alternative to wood while still providing a textured wood grain finish look. For more than 50 years, Amerimax has been an industry leader and have built a solid reputation for reliability, comfort and style.

patio covers santa clartia / Los AngelesFurthermore, Alumawood is perfect for those of you who do not have time to deal with maintenance and repair of wood covers. These structures don’t need to be painted as they don’t crack, peel warp or rot. They’re also termite proof, don’t burn and never need painting. The Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon surface protector reduces corrosion caused by the sun, salt, pollution or the elements. Not to mention, Alumawood repels dirt, dust, oil and stains.

The Alumawood patio cover can be provided as an attached or detached structure. In fact, you can choose from a shade bar type or a covered roof structure. Why are the Alumawood structure so strong? It’s because they all come pre-engineered prior to their installation.  For the most part, the Alumawood structures are strong, safe and durable while providing shade for you and your guests.
We design and manufacture all of our aluminum patio covers with the maximum panel spans available under current engineering. Additionally, several column options and pan designs are available to meet your needs.


Alumawood shade structures give you:

• Heavy header-beam construction
• Richly textured wood finish
• Six popular design colors
• Durable Aluma-Shield paint system for long term gloss retention
• Fasteners in matching colors
• Recessed lighting strip option by Lightstrip
• Four style options for beam and rafter cuts (beveled, corbel, mitered, scallop)
• Full Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Electrical options are available with our Alumawood covers. Ceiling fans or recessed lighting can be added as upgrade options.

Enjoy the Look of Real Wood with the embossed surface of an Alumawood shade structure. You can experience the look of a richly textured wood grain finish with a fraction of the maintenance and upkeep.

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alumawood patio covers in santa clarita


Alumawood patio cover up to 1/2 the price of a wood patio cover

Why is this?

Well, to start off there is a significant difference in material costs. Dollar for dollar, wood is much more expensive than Alumawood.  

Second is labor. Alumawood patio covers in most cases can be installed in  just a few days whereas wood covers can and do, take many days to install and finish.  

Lets not forget the attachment. With wood covers, in order to comply with local building codes we MUST dig footings to install this system. in contrast, most all Alumawood covers only require that the cover be firmly attached to the existing concrete slab when present.

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