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Solara Louvered Roof Pergola - the Affordable Smart Patio Cover

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers in Los Angeles

Solara is known as the competitively priced extruded louver. Louvered patio cover systems such as Solara adjustable patio covers have the ability to open up to an angle of 130 º degrees and close to 0 º degrees all with the press of a button. Otherwise known as "smart roofs", this type of aluminum patio cover enables the user to operate their patio covers adjustable louvered system while in the comfort of their favorite outdoor chair. Let's face it, in today's market, an addition like the louvered roof systems can significantly increase the overall price of your California home.

The aluminum patio covers are not new. In fact, there are many different types of Aluminum patio cover systems available. Such as Alumawood for example. Although these are not louvered patio cover systems, still, they are aluminum.

The louvered roof systems shading system can be configured with lighting, an internal gutter system, wind sensors, and rain sensors for better rain protection. Not to mention, these systems are available in a vast array of color options.

Solara Adjustable patio covers

Solara Adjustable Patio Covers

If you are wondering if these bad boys will cover large areas... they will. In fact, they have the unique ability to span long distances because of their design. According to the manufacturer they possess the "thickest extruded aluminum louver on the market at 1.9mm". More than that, they "are the only company that offers a vinyl seal" on each louver within all of their adjustable louvered roof systems. This UV-resistant seal, helps offer additional rain resistance and keep water from leaking through the louver blades.

Not only can we accommodate large spans and areas for optimum shade, but these patio covers will allow the homeowner to create zones and operate these zones differently. For example, if you have a zone over a BBQ, you can leave that zone open while the rest of your zones stay closed and rain tight.


Solaras Operating system

Solara's patio cover opens and closes via remote control. Unfortunately as of now, there is no smartphone device compatibility. The remote system is highly reliable and the remote control is a sleek ergonomic design.

In addition to the remote, the unit also comes with a wall switch that can be placed anywhere as this device also works as a remote.


Solara roll-formed louver vs. Extruded

Basically, there are two types of louvered roof systems sold by Solara, Roll-formed and extruded. For the most part, and to make this simple, think of the roll-formed as a thinner material when compared to extruded.

Durable Roll Formed Louvered Roof Systems

In a nutshell, the roll formed louver is a much thinner gauge aluminum louver compared to extruded. It starts out as a sheet of aluminum and basically "bent" into its shape. Its only downside is that its not as sturdy as the extruded. Thus, the louver cant span as far as the extruded.

Extruded Louvered Roof System

On th other hand, the extruded is a louver that is significantly thicker and thus is able to span much further than the roll formed.

Both, however, are powder coated and are very durable.

Heavy Duty Louvered roof system

Solara extruded louvers are heavy duty extruded louvers. The Solara Louver is specially designed to withstand wind load, snow load, and the rainiest, rainy winter season you can throw at it. The structure can be installed onto the house or by itself in a free-standing installation. The Solara louvers can be specifically engineered to accommodate almost any installation obstacle.

Solara’s Color Options for this Louvered roof system

There are 4 standard colors for the Solara adjustable patio cover. Furthermore, this louvered roof system is powdercoated for years of reliablity. Custom colors are also available upon request.

How much does Solara roll formed adjustable patio cover cost
How much does Solara roll formed adjustable patio cover cost
How much does Solara roll formed adjustable patio cover cost
How much does Solara roll formed adjustable patio cover cost

Solara Adjustable Patio Cover Amazing Warranty

Lifetime Warranty - Posts, beams, rafters and other structural components are covered by Solara for their lifetime

10 Year Limited Warranty - While the structural components are covered for life, the louvers on the other hand are covered for 10 years

15 year limited warranty – The other components such as flashing, pins, springs, brackets, fiberglass parts are all covered for 15 years.

15 year limited warranty for Electronics – Motherboards, remote controls, transformers, and the motor are covred for 15 yars.

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