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Pergola Covers in Los Angeles

If you’re like most of us here in Southern California you live outside your home as much as you probably live inside. In fact, where else is the weather so wonderful almost year around? First thing to remember about pergola covers in Los Angeles is that these covers not only offer shade but beauty to any home. In some cases,
Pergola Covers and the materials use to make them

Wood Pergola Covers, Alumawood Pergola Covers and Pergola Cover Kits

Wood pergola covers in Los Angeles are a huge hit amongst those who like the traditional look of their pergola. Nowadays, with the introduction of aluminum or Alumawood, pergola covers or otherwise known as lattice covers (as opposed to solid roofed patio covers), can be constructed in a matter of a few hours as opposed to days. Additionally, we sell Pergola Kits in Los Angeles as well. Not to mention, we sell, service and repair Pergola patio covers right here in Los Angeles. That’t correct. We can fix that old rotted out or termite infested pergola cover and make it new again.

In addition to pergola repairs and service, we sell replacement parts and install these parts as well. No need to go out and buy expensive tools when we have you covered. If you’re that kind of person who likes to get their hands dirty doing your own thing, you’ll enjoy these kits. The installation instructions are provided by us if needed, so installations are a breeze.


What types of Pergola Covers are there?

Wood Pergola covers come in two different types of materials from patiocovered., wood and aluminum. Wood pergolas are timeless and will always remain that way. However, there are drawbacks when using the wood material to construct the Pergola covers. Wood pergolas have a tendency to deteriorate, rot and get eaten by termites. Aluminum or Alumawood pergolas in Los Angeles will never rot or get eaten by termites.

How much are pergola covers in Los Angeles

Pergola Covers, depending on which material and design you choose will vary in price significantly. Wood pergolas are by far the most expensive of just about any material outside of vinyl. On the other hand, Alumawood aluminum pergolas are far more moderately priced and thus more affordable.

Wood pergolas in Los Angeles or Santa Clarita may range in price from $20-$40 per square foot. Whereas aluminum may range from $10-$20 again, depending on the complexity of the design and contractor. Differences between wood used in wood pergolas matters. For example, Douglas fir number 2 is far less expensive than number 1. In addition, the Douglas fir number 2 is not an appearance wood so it’s therefore subject to cracking, splitting and warpage.

What are the Benefits between wood pergolas and Aluminum pergolas in Los Angeles?

First thing to remember when we’re considering a Pergola cover is that each material carries within it it’s own set of requirements for maintenance, installation and longevity. For example, wood is more expensive to make and more to maintain. Furthermore, wood is also subject to rot, deterioration and termites when compared to Alumawood pergolas.
For the most part, aluminum pergolas do not share many of these same concerns. in fact, aluminum pergolas are pretty much self sufficient.

  • Aluminum will not rot or deteriorate
  • Termites hate metal
  • Alumawood never requires painting

Aluminum pergola covers in Los Angeles make you happy(er)

Lets face it, who want to have to maintain a wooden structure annually? I know I don’t. Alumawood pergolas seem like the likely choice for anyone who’s looking to add beauty and functionality to their home for an affordable price.

If you have a question about Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles, or would like more information on other products such as Alumawood insulated patio covers or Non insulated patio covers, click below to contact us!

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Pergola patio covers in Los Angeles
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Pergola patio covers in Los Angeles
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