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How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2023?

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If you’re in the market for a new patio cover be prepared that depending on the materials, patio extension cost, prices can fluctuate significantly. This has never been so true as it is today in the year 2023. After Covid, wait times for materials went from a couple of weeks to many months. And prices for materials have skyrocketed and materials are in short supply across the board. When it came to installations of these systems… Searching for patio installers near me was the only way many people we able to find competent patio cover installers. Even then, finding installers was difficult for many.

*Based on a 10×10 pergola. For the retractable canvas patio covers expect to pay $1,746 to $2,870. The Aluminum patio covers range from $3,280 for the lattice to $7,028 for the insulated aluminum patio cover. A wood patio cover can range from $7,709 to $18,900. Vinyl patio covers can range from $2,520 to $6,300. The new 4K aluminum patio covers range from $7,124 to $13,629.The Louvered patio covers range from $6,000 to $15,000

So how much do patio covers cost in 2023?

So how much do patio covers cost in 2023? Well, the average cost per square foot for a Patio Cover or pergola is around $35.15*. Considering there are so many different types of patio covers and pergola systems on the market, one should expect to see a fairly large price difference between them all. Still, one must understand that our average price reflects over 20 different products and 45 different patio cover/pergola systems from 25 states. This averaged cost also includes (an averaged) installation cost.

*Information averaged over 25 different products including installation from 25 states.

Here are some examples of the various prices for patio covers and pergolas
How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2023

Louvered Pergolas

louvered patio covers in Los Angeles
Louvered pergolas are the newest rage in patio cover systems. With the ability to open and close the roof to allow sun or shade at the push of a button, why wouldn’t they be? They also happen to be some of the most expensive of all pergolas sold today.
With so many different manufacturers of louvered Pergolas its difficult for the average consumer to tell the differences simply by looking at images Louvered patio covers on the internet. For a more in-depth look into the different manufacturers look here. That said, here are a few different manufacturers of louvered pergolas and what you might expect to pay for these systems in a 10 x 10 unit.

  • Solara Louvered Roof 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $6500
  • Ceda-Alum Louvered Patio Covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost:$8500
  • 4K Louvered roof patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $13,500

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Retractable style canvas patio covers

  • 11′ 4″ x 10′ Retractable style canvas patio covers: Average cost: $2899, Price Range: $1884 – $3914

More on retractable canvas patio covers ( which are BTW, the cheapest patio material for a new pergola)

Patio cover contractors in Los Angeles

Aluminum patio covers

  • lattice patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $2800, Price Range: $3080 – $4744
  • Insulated roof patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $7359, Price Range: $6451 – $8269
  • Non-Insulated roof patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $5055, Price Range: $5052 – $7028

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Wood patio covers and pergolas

  • Wooden lattice patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $10,070, Price Range: $7709 – $12,429
  • Wood roof patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $14,700, Price Range: $10,500 – $18,900

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How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2023

Vinyl patio covers

  • Solid roofed Vinyl-clad patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $4270, Price Range: $2520 – $6020
  • Lattice patio covers Vinyl-clad  10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $4585, Price Range: $3080 – $6090
  • “DIY” Vinyl kit lattice patio covers 10′ x 10′ : Average cost: $2933, Price Range: $1384 – $4480

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4K Aluminum patio covers

  • Lattice patio covers 10′ x 10′ 4K – Aluminum: Average cost: $5840, Price Range: $5089 – $6591
  • Soleil® patio covers 10′ x 10′ 4K – Aluminum: Average cost: $8929, Price Range: $8124 – $9735

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It’s the Patio cover’s cost, however, which can make buying a patio cover a reality or remain on the wish list for most of us.patiocovered

The Cost of a Patio Cover

Americans love the outdoors. And why not? most of us live in relatively mild to warm climates in the summer months and even in the winter months in some areas of the united states. More to that point…Who doesn’t want to make more use of their backyard? I mean you have all this space inside your home. Why not make more useful space outside your home?

Introducing the patio cover. I, for one love sitting under a patio cover. Whether it’s the Blazing sun, on a cool summer night or while entertaining guests, patio covers make a wonderful addition to any back or even a front yard. It’s the Patio cover’s cost, however, which can make buying a patio cover a reality or remain on the wish list for most of us. Yet, there are many other reasons for constructing a patio cover.

  • A need for shade
  • An area for entertaining
  • Increased property value
  • Improve the property’s overall appearance

These are all good reasons, however, as builders of patio covers, we will generally hear some of the same reasons more often than others. The two reasons we hear most often are;

  1. Our client needs more shade or protection against the elements.
  2. The client wishes to add an architectural element that improves a property’s appearance or the building’s look.

How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2023?

Well they’re all over the map
How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2023

Regardless of the reason, the thing to remember is that patio covers costs are, for the most part, all over the map. Why is this? Material cost and labor dictate the overall costs of these systems which we’ll discuss below. Just know that material costs are vastly different from Aluminum to wood to Vinyl to steel to fiberglass.

As a matter of fact. Each individual material comes with a variety of options that will ultimately dictate installation methods. Some patio cover installations range from very difficult to quite easy. And then there are the hard costs of the different materials.

Buyers of patio covers should understand that material prices fluctuate with the economy. Take wood or aluminum for example. Wood prices fluctuate by the week whereas Aluminum may fluctuate by the month. It seems as if now, in the year 2023 prices are fluctuating by the hour. Not to mention material availability. That’s a whole other issue. Aside from the prices increasing on the daily, now in the year 2023, we have to deal with product availability. Which at this point absolutely affects the pricing. 

What does this mean to you? It means that if you get an estimate for a wooden patio cover, the estimated price may have increased within a week. This is why if you notice at the bottom of many estimates there is likely an expiration date.

Introducing the newest product line for patiocovered. The 4K aluminum product line offers beautiful decorative covered patio covers and pergola panels for your Los Angeles patio covers or pergola system. Get more information (661) 212-1446

The Patio Cover Basics

How much do patio covers cost? There are multiple factors that go into the overall costs associated with choosing a patio cover or pergola. Above, we touched on the topic of material and labor. So let’s see how materials and labor affect the cost of a patio cover and pergola.

How Much Do Patio Covers Cost in 2023

Patio cover materials

Patio cover materials such as aluminum, vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and even steel are vastly different from one another. In some cases, up to 4 times more (or less). Let’s take for instance a basic 10-foot x 10-foot lattice patio cover. In most materials, you can find this cover starting for as little as $1000 installed. Granted, this type of patio cover is likely from a “big-box” store or over-the-counter DIY product. But still, it’s cheap, right? Not always.

Still, and for the most part, you should expect to see a huge swing in cost differences in the different patio cover materials. Wood is more expensive then is aluminum and steel is more expensive than wood. Of all the different materials used to construct patio covers and pergolas, I’d have to say that the aluminum covers are the most affordable. Companies such as 4K and Alumawood manufacture these products. Overall, you’ll find that the differences will eventually boil down to two essential things… materials and installation.

Patio cover installation

Patio cover installation plays probably the biggest role in the total cost of your project. We touched on the DIY patio cover as an example previously. What many of these cheap DIY cover manufacturers fail to explain is the need for knowledge in even the basics of construction. Like how to measure, types of tools needed to work with different materials, when to use a drill vs an impact driver etc… I understand that we’re not all professional contractors so it only makes sense that many of us have no idea what it takes to “square an area” for your new cover or waterproof the connections properly. And let’s be honest… Not all contractors know the answers either sometimes it seems…lol

patio cover contractor in Los Angeles
In the united states, the fees associated with the use of contractors vary greatly. When you choose between contractors you should expect to pay various fees associated with them simply staying in business. Every state is different and although most are all similar California appears to be the worst with associated contractor costs. Heres a couple factors of many that contribute to the cost of building a patio cover;

  • Insurance
  • Workers compensation coverage
  • 10-99 labor vs. full-time employees

Even more on the question,”how much do patio covers or pergolas cost”

While we’re not trying to beat the proverbial dead horse, we do have a few more things to say about the costs of patio covers and pergolas. Especially on the topic of materials.

Patio Cover Materials are all over the map

Of course, the materials you choose as well as the amount of these materials (Size or scope) play a huge role in the overall cost of a patio cover or pergola. The bigger the cover, the more the material you use thus the more your cover will cost. One can expect a 10 x 10 patio cover to cost as much as a 10×15 cover. In the same respect, you can’t expect a cover made of aluminum to cost as much as a wood or steel patio cover. Not to make this subject even more confusing… often times your choice of materials is dictated by the HOA so you may, in fact, have little choice in your patio cover materials after all.

Cost of an Open lattice vs enclosed covered patio cover

Traditionally speaking, there is no “one size fits all approach” to choosing between covered vs. lattice patio covers. When deciding between an open lattice cover or covered type patio cover in Los Angeles for example… weather might be your determining factor.

Los Angeles patio cover companies For the most part, Los Angeles sees a fairly mild climate year-round so a lattice cover may be a great option. On the contrary, if you live in Los Angeles and like many of us in the Los Angeles area looking for a patio cover, entertaining may be the reason for the patio cover purchase. Therefore, a covered patio may be exactly what you need.

Coincidentally, covered patio covers offer greater use of space in all climates. With the addition of heaters in the winter or misters in the summer, the covered patio is probably the most useful and versatile.

Choosing the best patio cover for your home

Where to place your new patio cover or pergola? For many of us, this question comes quite naturally especially when we have a more confined (yard) footprint. As a patio cover installation contractor, we’ve placed patio covers and pergolas in the Los Angeles area pretty much everywhere you can imagine. 

  1. First thing to consider is your overall finished size.
  2. Next, we need to determine where the cover will be placed. Is the patio cover built on top of a finished slab… on dirt…on a hillside etc…or, will you be installing your patio cover on footings?
  3. Secondly, is the cover open such as a lattice covered or is it a solid covered patio?

Once your direction or style of cover is chosen, next comes materials. Most patio covers can be constructed in one of the “big three” materials. Again, vinyl, aluminum, and wood are the most popular in the residential patio cover market. By and large, these materials will be the most affordable in terms of material cost. Most of these materials come as a “kit” even to the contractor therefore, labor on these materials is generally more affordable to you.

Keep in mind that the more difficult the installation is, the more costly your cover will end up being. A rectangle is easier to install than an “L” shaped patio cover. Likewise, the more add-ons you choose such as lighting, footings, or custom paint will again directly affect the finished cost of a patio cover.

A few other things to consider…

If you’re the DIY type, you can go for the ready-made kit. These kits will generally save you some money but come at the cost of your time. You may also lose any warranties on the product if the product is not installed correctly or by a professional contractor.

Depending on your location, local regulations such as fire zones may prohibit you from installing certain patio covers. In addition, should permits be necessary and depending on the materials you choose, there may be limitations on your part, if drawings, engineering, and such are required. Unless of course, you are an engineer or architect.

What goes into the cost of a patio cover?

For the purpose of this article, understand that the price we’re referring to is the “average” price you’d expect to pay a contractor. Keep in mind that all contractors are different when it comes to pricing their products. Our goal here is to give you some sense of the cost ranges for different materials, as well as some of the installation challenges that account for differences in total patio cover cost.

You have some options regarding the material used to build your patio cover. The most common picks here in Southern California are aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Materials choice makes up a big piece of your patio cover cost, with dimensions and labor dictating the final price cost. So what do Patio covers cost? Here we go…

Retractable canvas patio covers

Important Info
NOTE: ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies are a product that we no longer carry as of the year 2022. As a result these prices may not be accurate)

Currently, we offer ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies. Although there are many different manufacturers of these pleated retractable canopies, we chose Shadetree® because of their unmatched customer care. When determining how much do patio covers cost, it’s not always the price of the product that’s important. As a consumer, you might want to make sure the company stands behind its product and are easily accessible.

The ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies are custom made to fit your area for that tailored look. Not only is there flexibility in their designs, but these patio covers can also be easily adapted to fit unusual shapes and patterns. Large spans are no match for the ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies. These patio covers can span up to 24 feet with no pitch required. ShadeTree® Retractable Canopies offers over 40 different fabric choices which include Sunbrella® commercial grade products. Special-order fabrics are also available

Retractable patio covers

Lower End


$17 per sq ft

Higher End


$38 per sq ft


  • Offers shade when desired
  • Beautiful sunbrella fabric colors
  • Offers great resale value
  • Materials are lightweight and manageable
  • Engineering supplied
  • Is Affordable
  • Manual or mechanical available
  • It’s Easy to permit

  • Easily soiled
  • Some HOAs will not allow materials to be installed
  • Looks like a “kit” system
  • Be careful when cutting this material. One wrong cut and you need a new piece.
  • Great warranty

A 10 x 10 retractable cover with professional installation goes for around $1746 to $3796.

Aluminum Patio Covers Cost

Aluminum patio covers have been a popular choice for decades because aluminum is an inexpensive material. Furthermore, it’s a versatile material. Alumawood patio covers, like those found on, have a distinctive wood grain pattern. It’s like getting the best of all worlds. You get that wood look, but at a much lower price than wood or vinyl.

Price isn’t the only advantage Aluminum patio covers do not rot, crack, rust, or get eaten by termites. You also get options to customize Alumawood covers to fit your needs and preferences. One can opt for the always popular lattice covers, un-insulated roof, or even their 3″ thick high-density foam insulated roofing system. The total costs vary between styles, systems, and “kits.”

The installation of these covers is fairly simple even for the DIYer. When purchased as a kit, the covers include the necessary parts for a full installation minus the tools of course. Altogether, the installation time for an aluminum lattice cover say… 10×10 for a DIYer is probably 8 hours with a little help.

Lattice patio covers

Lower End


$18 per sq ft

Higher End


$22 per sq ft

Non Insulated patio covers

Lower End


$36 per sq ft

Higher End


$50 per sq ft

Insulated patio covers

Lower End


$46 per sq ft

Higher End


$59 per sq ft


  • Will not rot or deteriorate
  • Looks like real wood
  • Never requires painting
  • Lightweight easy to handle and install
  • Many colors and styles to choose from
  • Lights and ceiling fans are compatible
  • Great for resale
  • Pre-Engineered
  • Affordable
  • Easy to permit and pass

  • Easily damaged
  • Some HOAs will not allow aluminum to be installed
  • Looks like a “kit” patio cover
  • Be careful when cutting this material. One wrong cut and you need a new piece.
  • The paint has a gloss to it

A 10 x 10 lattice cover with professional installation goes for around $2520 to $3080.

If you want a 10 x 10 non-insulated Newport cover professionally installed, expect to pay around $5052 to $7028.

The Alumawood 3″ thick insulated cover with no add-ons, 10 x 10 installed by a professional will run you between $6451 and $8269


Vinyl Patio Covers Cost

vinyl patio covers cost santa claritaVinyl patio covers exist somewhere between aluminum and wood. The vinyl itself is made from PVC, which has a wide range of applications. Here are a few useless facts to chew on… PVC is probably most famous for being used in plumbing and makes up 75% of all plumbing pipes worldwide. You also find it in electrical piping, flooring, and even clothing. It turns up all over the place in healthcare, such as surgical gloves and oxygen masks.

Vinyl patio covers are resistant to common problems faced by wood, such as rot, warping, and insect infestation. They also don’t rust, fade, or crack. However, some vinyl has been known to turn a yellowish color. Nevertheless, vinyl does seem to share many of the same characteristics as aluminum.

So why is vinyl in between wood and aluminum? The price point is more than that of aluminum while at the same time reaching into wood price territory. It’s basically the worst of all worlds when surrounded by wood or aluminum.

cost of a patio coverSo what makes vinyl patio covers more than aluminum? Well, to start with there’s more of it, which is to say there is more product. While aluminum is a stand-alone product much like wood, vinyl requires additional steel members to be inserted within each structural piece for stability. It’s these added pieces which contribute to more…, more labor and more materials. Aluminum requires no additional pieces for structural stability nor does wood.

Vinyl lattice patio covers

Lower End


$22 per sq ft

Higher End


$44 per sq ft

Vinyl solid roof patio covers

Lower End


$18 per sq ft

Higher End


$43 per sq ft


  • Doesn’t rot or deteriorate
  • Doesn’t require paint
  • Lights and ceiling fan compatible
  • Lightweight easy to handle and install
  • Various colors to choose from
  • (Moderately) easily damaged

  • Tends to yellow
  • Smooth finish, no wood-like texture
  • Looks like a “kit” patio cover
  • Be careful when cutting this material. One wrong cut and you need a new piece.
  • Engineering or drawings may be necessary under specific conditions
  • Some HOAs will not allow Vinyl to be installed

A vinyl lattice patio cover goes for the slightly more reasonable price range of $3,080 to $6,090 installed

Prices stretch from $5,355 to a very custom $8,785 to get a basic, fully-covered 10 x 10 vinyl patio cover installed.

DIY Solid roofed patio cover kits range from $2,520 to $6,020.

DIY lattice patio cover kits range from $1,384 on the low end to $4,480 for a custom-cut cover.


Wood Patio Covers Cost

Wood patio covers come in a variety of types and styles. For example, a wood patio cover can be roofed and non-roofed. With roofs, there are multiple roof materials one can use. On the other hand, wood lattice pergolas consist of typically 50% coverage for the roof. The top is made of 3×3, 2×2, or 1×1 pieces of wood. Wood patio covers require a great deal of maintenance in contrast to aluminum or vinyl patio covers.

Wooden lattice patio covers

Lower End


$55 per sq ft

Higher End


$89 per sq ft

Wood roofed patio covers,

Lower End


$75 per sq ft

Higher End


$130 per sq ft


  • There’s nothing more beautiful added to the exterior of a house than a wood patio cover.
  • You can build it to match your house’s finished and or roofing.
  • Wood is easy to work with. Unlike aluminum or vinyl, you can patch wood.
  • Fantastic for resale
  • Easy to install and design

  • Deteriorates easily
  • Very Heavy
  • Termites love wood
  • Requires regular paint or staining ($2200 Every other year)
  • Expensive
  • Expensive (in case you didn’t see the first one)

wood patio covers costs patiocovered.comWood patio covers are the priciest of all patio cover options. We could write an entire article just on all of the different woods you can use to build your cover and how much of your retirement fund you’d spend on it. In the spirit of keeping things simple, we’ll only focus on the species of wood you see used most often in Southern California which is Douglas Fir. In fact, it’s the industry standard.

Why? When compared with other North American softwoods, Douglas fir has superior strength and durability. That means it does well against the high winds, earthquakes, and storms we see in California. Furthermore, it possesses a gold-orange color that many people find appealing. At the same time, Douglas Fir shows decent resistance to fungus and insects. Basically, it’s the wood that other woods get compared to when you make a material choice for exterior applications.

With building a wooden patio cover, we have the introduction of special drawings and all covers are subject to concrete footings. Unlike the aluminum and vinyl which get installed directly onto a concrete slab. The wood patio covers must have a hole dug and then filled with concrete, after an inspection of course. cost of patio cover

The wood required for these patio covers varies greatly in size and dimension which of course, changes the price drastically. A single Douglas Fir FOHC wood member, say a 6 x 8 x 16 can cost, upwards of $275 per piece. Conversely, an aluminum rafter may cost somewhere around $30 bucks.

Let’s talk shop

Many of the wood patio covers require special drawings or blueprints for construction whereas the aluminum and vinyl come pre-engineered. Drawings for a typical wood patio cover can range from $800 all the way to $2500. And then there is engineering. If engineering is necessary, the engineer can stand to pocket an easy $1500 for their time. And all this is without building permits. Yet.

A wood lattice cover can go for as much as $7,709 to $12,429.

Even using industry-standard Douglas Fir, wood patio cover costs are the highest. Expect to range from $10,500 to $18,900 for a full-roofed, painted 10×10 patio cover.

What about repairs? For those thinking of buying wood, remember that it has a life span that is limited.
Not only will the wood rot before your very eyes, but it can also create issues within the home as well. With the ledger, the wood can rot and deteriorate and then allow water to enter into the building. Water intrusion via rain leaking, is no joke and thus takes a specialist to identify, isolate and remediate.

Hearth 310x310

4K Aluminum patio covers

4K Aluminum patio cover and pergola systems are extremely durable, heavy-gauge aluminum structures. When compared to the other aluminum patio cover systems such as Duraloom, Alumawood, and Fourseasons products, the differences are quite stark. The 4K aluminum material even at its basic economy line is 3x as thick as these other companies.

Moreover, the cost between the 4K and the other companies is quite little, in comparison. 4K aluminum patio covers come in four (4) colors to choose from. The powder coat used is a Jotum material but before the powder coat is applied, the aluminum will first receive a coat of Gold Chromate for pre-treatment. unlike other aluminum patio cover manufacturers, 4K offers this material as a corrosion inhibitor even to the inside of each part, where you’d never expect to see it. That’s just one aspect of this material that takes it from the “Mercedes Benz” of aluminum patio covers to the Rolls Royce”.
So when we ask ourselves “how much do patio covers cost” we must ask ourselves first, what are the qualities of each patio cover being compared here?

4K lattice patio covers

Lower End


$51 per sq ft

Higher End


$66 per sq ft

4K Soleil® patio covers

3x5 Soleil® panel


$70 per sq ft

5x10 Soleil® panel


$85 per sq ft


  • Very high-end aluminum product
  • Extremely thick material compared to Alumawood or Duralum
  • Matt finish paint – Jotun powder coating
  • Extruded material not rolled formed
  • Chemical resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Humidity resistant
  • Scratch and mar resistant
  • Impact resistant (Paint)
  • Gold chromate plated

  • Cost more than Alumawood or Duralum
  • Some HOAs will not allow aluminum to be installed
  • Careful when cutting this material. One wrong cut and you need a new piece

A 10 x 10 lattice cover with professional installation goes for around $7,124 to $9,224.

On the other hand, If you want a 10 x 10 cover with Soleil® panels, a Soleil® cover professionally installed, expect to pay around $11,373 to $13,629.

Louvered Patio Covers Cost

With Louvered Patio cover systems being the latests craze you are probably wondering which of the manufacturers are the players and what are the costs of their systems. Well, luckily for you our company has sold or been involved with in one way or another many if not all of the louver manufactures located within the states. Currently, our company sells five different lines of louvers within our showroom located in Los Angeles California.

Within these different manufacturers, prices range significantly. Obviously with installation being a huge determining factor with not only the overall price, but even what materials are needed which will ultimately affect the price in the end. Below are a few different price scenarios based on a 10′ x 10′ louvered pergola.

Solara Louvered Pergolas

Lower End


$60 per sq ft

Higher End


$70 per sq ft

Ceda-Alum Louvered Pergola

Lower End


$80 per sq ft

Higher End


$90 per sq ft

4K Louvered Pergolas

Lower End


$132 per sq ft

Higher End


$150 per sq ft


  • Aluminum is powder coated
  • Comes in black color
  • Opens and closes with remote or smart device
  • Lights and ceiling fans are compatible
  • Great for resale
  • Lights and ceiling fans are compatible
  • Great for resale

  • Electronics subject to fail
  • Expensive

A 10 x 10 Solara Patio cover with professional installation goes for around $6000 to $7000.

If you want a 10 x 10 Ceda-Alum pergola Louvered cover professionally installed, expect to pay around $8000 to $9000.

The 4K Louvered patio cover, 10 x 10 installed by a professional will run you between $13200 and $15000

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