Wood Patio Covers

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We build wood patio covers in Los Angeles, it’s what we do. Whether you have your own patio cover ideas or get them from the internet, we have the ability to turn your dream cover into reality. There is nothing more beautiful or majestic than a patio cover constructed from wood. Wood patio covers will last decades if properly maintained. And, should your current patio cover take turn for the worse, we can also repair your moisture-damaged patio cover weather it be from termites or dry rot.

We offer complete patio cover design as well as custom wood patio cover make-overs. Wood patio cover plans or drawings are easy to obtain. We have the ability to make our own blueprints or have an architect provide the drawings.

  • wood patio covers los angeles
  • wood patio covers los angeles
  • wood patio covers los angeles
  • patio covers los angeles
  • patio covers los angeles
  • patio covers los angeles


The materials Patiocovered chooses to manufacture their wood patio covers come from a mill which is second to none as is the grade of lumber. We use fresh milled exposed “appearance” Douglas Fir timber for the maximum strength and durability. Our wood is only select FOHC, or Free Of Heart Center lumber which is a material made from the outside area of the tree and is as a result, less likely to twist, check, crack or warp.

patio cover moisture damage dry rot repair

Here’s a list of materials popular here in Los Angeles to Construct roofed Patio Covers as well as Pergola patio covers, Lattice and shade bar patio covers as well.

  • Douglas fir

The Difference between “off the shelf” lumber and big box store lumber like from Home Depot?

Most of the lumber at Home Depot and Lowes is #2 grade which is considered just “okay” for general use. However, for appearance or structural work you may want to use number 1 grade. For that, we look to the larger lumber yards better equipped to carry heavy timber, appearance grade lumber as well as structural members in all sizes and dimensions.

Nothing Beats Douglas Fir For Structural Patio Cover Material

The Douglas Fir softwood is one of the strongest among all softwood materials. Douglas fir weighs approximately 30 pounds per cubic foot with a 12 % moisture content. Furthermore, with its ability to withstand heavy loads, it’s closely compared to that of mild steel, yet lighter. This makes Douglas Fir the United States number one choice among all structural woods. 

Moreover, the Douglas Fir wood can be used for both heavy structural and appearance grade projects and just about everything in-between. Widely used in both Commercial and residential construction jobs, it’s also very versatile. When used within its structural limitations, the wood can give many years of great performance.

Traditionally, one of the most popular uses of Douglas fir wood is in residential construction, specifically the framing of rafters, wall studs, beams, and posts. When strength is needed as a primary factor in construction, this wood meets and exceeds all requirements.


Custom Designed Wood Patio Covers

custom made patio covers

As consumers, most people have a pretty good idea as to what type of patio cover they wish to build. We can construct just about anything you can dream up. We can build, for example, custom-designed wood patio covers that include lattice or Pergola covers and solid roof covers. Still, there are a wide variety of roof choices.

For instance, there is concrete tile, composition, and torch-down just to name a few. I’m sure you get the idea. Were here to help because we know that for as many of you who know what you want, there are those who have absolutely no idea what they want.

Patio covered is here for you and we work directly with the client to develop that cover that is right for you and, a cover that is safe, affordable and fits within the building standards of the city or county in which you reside. We work very closely with civil and structural engineers. Should the need arise where you need an engineer to help, we can facilitate that.

Wood Patio Cover Ideas… and Pictures

I’m a huge fan of all things custom. Don’t get me wrong, I do like the traditional styles of patio covers throughout Los Angeles. There’s just nothing like a “one-off” patio cover that you designed from scratch.

Not only do we building wood patio covers here in Los Angeles but we also design them as well.Needless to say, when blue prints or drawings of patio covers are necessary, we have you covered. Of course, while we can provide drawings as good as some architects. If that doesn’t work, we have genuine architects and engineers who we work very closely with. these guys will get your idea onto paper and into the building and safety planning department.

Pinterest is a fantastic website to get amazing ideas of patio covers you may wish to build. Heck, our customers are always showing us images of patio covers straight from Pinterest which really, look pretty cool. Our website has a few hundred images of all types of our work that you can check out as well to get patio cover ideas.

Patio Cover Planning

patio cover ideas
To get a better idea of the type of cover you may need or want in the back of your home, first, let’s establish whether your needs are primarily functional or esthetic. As a functional cover, you are likely wanting a cover that performs well in the hot Southern California weather. Meaning, does it shade the home? Will it reduce the radiant heat effect on the home?

In either case, a solid roof will likely be your “go-to” choice of patio cover. Here in Santa Clarita, located in the San Fernando Valley, it gets hot. Roofed patio covers are plentiful here. As a matter of fact, we sell wood roofed patio covers 2:1 compared to pergola or lattice shade bar patio covers. With this in mind, you will also want to consider whether the cover will be free-standing or attached to the building.

Figure out where on the home you will want to build your new patio cover. Location is very important as there are areas that may not accept a new patio cover. You will want to consider sprinkler spray as well. Otherwise, you can end up with a moisture-damaged patio cover.

Whenever a patio cover is attached to a building there are many factors that must be considered. For example, when a patio cover is attached to a building is cannot be attached to an “overhang” or “cantilever” without engineering. No exceptions.

With a freestanding cover, the use of space may be your primary concern. How much yard is leftover? Are the posts going to be a nuisance? Do you want to pay for all the extra work that a freestanding cover requires, compared to an attached cover?

Moisture Damaged Patio Covers and Termite Repairs

Los Angeles patio covers

Termites love wood. With this in mind, that termite-infested, decomposed patio cover full of dry rot is a structural hazard. Time to get it repaired. Who better to repair your patio cover than us? We’re patiocovered and yes, we repair patio cover here in Los Angeles, Santa Clarita, and the entire San Fernando Valley. There’s nothing out guys love more than repairing wood patio covers, seriously. We love wood about as much as termites do.

Patio Cover Contractors in Los Angeles Near Me

Los Angeles patio covers
It seems as if everyone is building patio covers in Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, contractors, in general, are more abundant than water here in Southern California, right? Okay, so let’s be honest, even I hate dealing with contractors. I mean, they can be a nightmare sometimes., even for us. And we’re contractors! We are different. No, really we are. not to mention, we only build patio covers. We don’t do roofs, bathrooms, kitchens or flooring. Occasionally, we’ll veer off and do a small job as a favor for mom… but 99.9% of the time, its patio covers and decks. We’re just humble servants. To us… you’re the boss.

Just Build A Patio Cover Yourself

Los Angeles patio covers

When in doubt, just build your own patio cover. What else are you going to do with those tools you got last year for Christmas? unfortunately, we only offer Alumawood in a patio cover kit here in Los Angeles, but hey, I thought I’d just toss it out there as an option. One more thing to consider with aluminum patio covers… dry rot. These patio covers will not deteriorate. That moisture-damaged patio cover is now a thing of the past.


Patiocovered offers a one year guarantee against warping or other defects.

Most noteworthy is our free first-year touch-up service. After your first year of owning a patiocovered patio cover, we will come out and service the cover. Our service consists of sealing previously sealed joints. Furthermore, it includes painting in these areas afterward.