Lattice Patio Covers vs. Solid Patio Covers

Lattice patio coveres

What makes a lattice patio cover different than a solid roofed patio cover?  First and foremost, the term patio cover is widely used to describe a multitude of covered patio types. For example, the term Pergola best describes an open or lattice type cover almost like an arbor but larger. Solid patio covers possess a roof of some type. Lattice Patio Covers in Los Angeles are open with shade bars which run perpendicular to the rafters and are generally much smaller than all of the other components which make up the entire cover. Lattice patio covers are the most affordable of all patio covers we offer. We also sell a DIY patio cover kit with engineering for those of you who want to save a few bucks and get it done yourself.

Wood, Aluminum and Vinyl Lattice Patio Covers

Within these lattice type patio covers we have material differences. For the most part, the idea of the open slatted patio cover design says the same however. Patio cover material choices are many. In fact, most people assume there are a couple possibilities when considering a patio cover design when in fact, we have many.

  • Wood patio covers
  • Aluminum patio covers
  • Vinyl patio covers
  • Fiberglass patio covers
  • Steel patio covers 
  • Composite patio covers (Such as Trex)

Of the choices listed above, we sell wood, Aluminum patio covers and Composite. Albeit, we don’t sell a tremendous amount of composite material simply because it’s not as popular as wood or Alumawood. Because we use composite in the construction of our wood decks, it’s an option we still offer for shade structures.

Alumawood’s Laguna series patio cover offers a beautifully embossed wood grain surface texture. Like all Alumawood products, the materials are built to last. The alumawood materials require only a fraction of maintenance when compared to traditional wood patio covers.

Lattice Shade Bar Patio Cover Pricing

Lattice Shade Bar Patio Cover Pricing

The lattice patio covers are very affordable when compared to wood. Traditionally the Laguna shade bar, or lattice Patio Covers in Los Angeles are close to 30% less than the price of wood patio covers. A typical 10×10 can cost as little as $2500. When you factor in the added costs of what it takes to maintain a wood cover over the years of ownership, it’s quite significant. 

Why makes wood patio covers cost more than aluminum patio covers?

For one thing, wood just costs more. Take a single 2×6 wood rafter for example. Although the same dimension as the aluminum rafter, the wood rafter once painted will end up costing more than twice what a single Alumawood rafter does, comparatively.

With the wood, there are screws and other hardware like hangers for example. that add to the cost of wood.  These items will systematically add to the cost of the wood. I contrast, the aluminum rafter will not require paint and the attachment requires minimal hardware.

How Long Does it Take To Build An Alumawood Cover?

How Long Does it Take To Build An Alumawood Cover

A typical 10×10 Alumawood Laguna Patio cover may take as little as two days or as many as four days. Whereas compared to a wood cover, these covers for the same size will take almost ten to twelve days to install. The installation of the wood patio cover adds to the difference in cost between the aluminum and the wood. Almost three times as long. Furthermore, wood covers also require a cement footing for every single cover installed. Compared to aluminum which attaches to the concrete slab requires no such footing.

DIY Patio Cover Kit

DIY patio cover kit

Feeling  handy, just do it yourself? I invite you to purchase one of our DIY Alumawood patio cover kits.  First thing to remember is that the DIY patio cover kit is just that… a kit. Meaning, the components which make up the overall patio cover are cut to a specific size for easy installation for this with little to no installation experience.

How easy is it to install a DIY patio cover kit? Well, put it this way… the very first alumawood patio cover I ever installed was a kit. Having no former experience with aluminum I was able to instal the Alumawood kit with absolutely no issues whatsoever. So dust off those cordless tools your wife got you for Christmas and start charging those batteries.

Wood Pergola Patio Covers

So what’s a pergola patio cover? I hear you speaking about lattice cover and shade bar covers, but a pergola? Wikipedia defines a pergola like this;  A pergola is an outdoor garden feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice, often upon which woody vines are trained.  In other words, it’s essentially a lattice patio cover which may or may to be a freestanding patio cover.

Covered Patio Design Pictures

Covered Patio Design Pictures

We can see many different types and shapes of pergola patio covers on websites such as Pinterest or just a simple Google search. With so many different types of pergola cover designs you’re bound to narrow your choices down to a few. After which, these designs can be brought to you contractor for estimating.

I understand this page is all about open patio covers but in case you didn’t know, we also sell roofed patio cover systems. Whether you’re in the market for aluminum or wood, we have a roofed patio cover just for you.  Aluminum insulated patio cover roof or wood shingles, we absolutely have you covered. 

About Us

DIY patio cover kit

The patio cover crew under standard patio covers and deck systems. This is especially true when building Patio Covers in Los Angeles. Building cover locally, you really need to know and intimately understand their building codes. We’re not a construction company who remodels kitchens, bathrooms or other miscellaneous jobs. Our guys build and repair patio covers. Which is to say, it’s what we do therefore it’s all we know. The way i see it, the longer you do one single thing, the better you become at it, and our guys are some of the best in the business.

Aluminum Patio Cover Replacement Parts

The alumawood product by itself comes standard with a beam, posts, post front covers, rafters, shade bars and they come painted.

Aside from that, there are multiple accessories and parts. For example, you can have different “ends” to the rafters and beam. Such as for example, a scalloped design, a flat, a corbeled or mitered end design.

Alumawood Lattice Patio Cover End Cuts

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Alumawood Lattice Patio Cover Shade Bars

The Laguna also comes with a choice of lattice shade bar sizes. For example there are 2″ x 3″, 2″ x 2″ and 1.5″ x 1.5″.
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