patio cover repair santa clarita

Patio Cover Repair Santa Clarita

Patio Cover Repair Santa Clarita

Lets face it, here in sunny Southern California, the sun seems to destroy everything. Fact is, even your patio cover is vulnerable to such damages. Likewise, insects such as termites are also a serious contributor to patio cover damages. For this there is a solution. Patio cover repairs here in Santa Clarita are just a phone call away.

Patio covered is here to provide your existing patio cover or deck with repair, routine maintenance, or even demolition / removal. Wood used to construct patio covers or decks exposed to the elements such as water, sun and wind as mentioned. Over-time these conditions cause wear and many times damage to the wood. Most especially if it has not been properly sealed and moisture proofed on a regular basis.

Routine Maintenance for Patio Covers and Decks

Most home owners do not realize that once these structures  have been installed, routine maintenance is necessary to keep the wood from being directly exposed to the elements such as the sun and water. UV rays from the sun are harsh and can cause wear to the paint and sealant used on the wood resulting in the weakening of the paint thus making the wood vulnerable to moisture entering bare or exposed areas.

Ultimately, the moisture in turn will cause rot and damage to the wood making it structurally unsafe. Patiocovered will provide routine maintenance on a regular or as needed basis to help prevent moisture damage to patio covers and decks Santa Clarita.

Patio Cover Repair Santa Clarita

Moisture damage or other types of damage to patio covers and decks can cause structural instability. This condition is due to the weakened members of wood. Patiocovered can assess the damage and replace damaged portions of patio covers and decks affordably. Furthermore, we work with termite inspection reports. Many times we can provide competitive bids to match or beat those of the pest control companies.

Under certain circumstances or at the owner’s decision, demolition and removal of the existing patio cover or deck can be completed and patches to the main building or rebuilding of a new structure in its place can be estimated as well. Each and every situation is different and Patiocovered is ready to help.

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