We offer Alumawood Patio Covers

We offer Alumawood Patio Covers

There’s a few things which drive people to want to live in Los Angeles. Most notably of all reasons is the weather I’m sure.  You have to admit, where else in the United States can one snow ski and surf all in the same January day? We sell patio covers in Los Angeles, it’s what we do, and it’s all we do. Actually, to be very specific, we sell Aluminum (Alumawood) patio covers, wood patio covers and decks throughout the greater Los Angeles area including Ventura Counties.

Serving Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Patiocovered is a Local Los Angeles company based out of Santa Clarita. We offer an affordable alternative to traditional wood patio covers called, Alumawood.  

Aluminum has come a long way since the days of old. Today, we can see that this material looks and feels like real genuine wood with its textured wood grain finish look.  For more than 50 years, Amerimax has been an industry leader and have built a solid reputation for reliability, comfort and style.

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Alumawood is perfect for those of you who do not have time to deal with maintenance and repair of wood covers. Furthermore, Aluminum patio covers structures don’t need to be painted as they don’t crack, peel warp or rot and that is perfect for this Los Angeles heat.

Termites Hate Aluminum | Patio Covers Aluminum

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Aluminum (Alumawood) covered patio products are insect resistant. In other words, unlike wood patio covers, termites hate aluminum pergola covered patios. Choosing aluminum means never again will you have to succumb to the costs associated with the replacement of rafters, shade bars, beams or posts due to termites. 

Aluma-sheild® protects Alumawood’s patio covers

Alumawood Los Angeles Patio Covers

Important to realize, is that Alumawood never needs to be painted. How many summer hours have you spent scraping and painting that old tired-out cover?  How much money have you spent trying to maintain your 30 year old pergola cover in this Southern California Heat?

Compared to wood patio covers, our aluminum covers don’t burn and never need painting. The Aluma-Shield paint system with Teflon surface protector reduces corrosion caused by the sun, salt, pollution or the elements. It repels dirt, dust, oil and stains.

Alumawood is not a Costco or Home Depot Item

Unlike those patio covers from Costco or Home Depot, the patio covers we manufacturer are custom made to your exact specifications. The Alumawood patio cover can be provided as an attached or detached structure. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a shade bar type, pergola cover or a fully covered roof structure.

Another key point to keep in mind is that these structures are most of all strong, safe and durable all the while providing beautiful Los Angeles shade for you and your guests.

Furthermore, We design and manufacture all of our aluminum patio covers with the maximum panel spans available under current engineering. Additionally, several column options and pan designs are available to meet your needs should you require that.

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Alumawood Shade Structures Give You Benefits

  • • Heavy header-beam construction
  • • Richly textured wood finish
  • • Durable Aluma-Shield paint system for long term gloss retention
  • • Fasteners in matching colors
  • • Recessed lighting options
  • • Four style options for beam and rafter cuts (beveled, corbel, mitered, scallop)


* Electrical options are available with our Alumawood covers. We offer a few different upgrades easily, such as Ceiling fans or recessed lighting.

Aluminum Covered Patios can Cost Less Than Wooden Covers

In the event you didn’t read that headline correctly let me repeat this… in most cases depending on the product comparison, Alumawood products are historically much less than the traditional wooden covered patio here in the Los Angeles area.

Surprisingly, aluminum covered patios are in fact less than wood. We offer a FREE Patio Cover Price calculator to help differentiate the costs of patio covers here in Santa Clarita or Los Angeles and beyond.

First of all, there is a huge difference in material costs. Dollar for dollar, wood is much more expensive than Alumawood here in the greater LA area.

Second of all, labor. Alumawood patio covers in most cases can be installed in  just a few days whereas wood covers can and do, take many days to install and finish.

Lastly, let’s not forget the attachment. With wood covers, in order to comply with local building codes we MUST always dig footings to install this system.  Not with the Alumawood covers, however. Alumawood patio covers must be attached to an existing concrete slab unless of course, engineering requires a footing.

Understand, however, that aluminum patio covers are by no means “cheap’. We install the Alumawood product in homes throughout Los Angeles including areas such as Beverly Hills.

Alumawood Laguna Lattice Patio Cover

The Alumawood Aluminum Lattice patio structure looks very much like genuine wood. In fact, when compared side by side with wood it’s virtually impossible to separate the Alumawood cover from the wood cover. The best part is the price and “lack” of maintenance with the Aluminum patio cover vs. wood.

With wood, you first of all, pay more form material and then you have to “maintain” the material annually which requires caulking and paint depending on the area. Expect that with wood, you WILL eventually have to replace components if not the entire system because it WILL rot.  “To heck you say”?! “Are you saying that wood will in time deteriorate in front of my very eyes”? “Yes, to heck I do say. It will absolutely rot and eventually turn to dust”.

Opposite this catastrophic nightmare, is Alumawood Aluminum patio covers. Rather than going down a list of maintenance you will NOT be performing, I will make a list of items you WILL be performing. Ready?

  • Wash the patio cover.

That is correct. You need only wash the cover just as you would a car, (providing you do wash your car).

Alumawood’s Lifetime Warranty

alumawoods warranty

Limited-Lifetime Material Warranty

Amerimax Exterior Home Products, Norcross, Georgia (hereinafter referred to as “Amerimax”) warrants that its Alumawood Lattice, Patio Cover, Carport, and Awning products manufactured by Amerimax which are installed at the location shown on this warranty certificate will not split, and the finish will not chip, peel, flake or blister under conditions of normal wear for the life of the original retail purchaser.

This warranty is can be transferred by the original retail purchaser to a subsequent owner of the product during the first ten (10) years of warranty coverage. In the event of the transfer of this warranty, the warranty period shall be ten (10) years from the date of original installation. The warranty only applies to manufacturing defects in the products. Steel products are not warranted against rust.

Exclusions and Limitations

Amerimax does not warrant the qualifications of the person installing its products and this warranty does not cover installation or any consequences of improper installation. This warranty does not cover damage due to normal weathering; chalking; fading; corrosion due to atmospheric contamination, chemical fumes, salt; vandalism; accident; misuse; improper care or any act of God, explosions or other causes beyond the control of Amerimax. The owner must follow the Care and Cleaning Instructions outlined on the back of this page. Failure to follow such instructions may void this warranty. Amerimax does not warrant damages due to aggressive environmental conditions. This includes, but not limited to,black streaking.

DIY Alumawood Kits

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Alumawood Patio cover Kits are a fantastic way to obtain shade at a very affordable price. Patiocovered.com offers complete ready-to-install patio cover kits.

The patio cover kits which are available are;

We will provide all the necessary materials, directions, videos…, Heck, we’ll be here to help if the going gets tough. As always, the patio covers are all available in a wide variety of color options.  To gain a better sense of the costs involved in the purchase of an aluminum insulated or non insulated patio cover use our handy calculator.

Patio Covers Wood

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Not only do we provide beautiful aluminum patio covers, we also build beautiful wood patio covers right here in Los Angeles.  Wood patio covers are beautiful. Aside from the fact that the wood is much more in the way of maintenance than the Aluminum covers, wood possess a sense of timelessness that aluminum might lack. Wooden patio covers come in an almost infinite number of possible dimensions. Conversely, engineering restrictions are the only things which limit the Alumawood covers.

Los Angeles wood patio covers are available in roofed and lattice or pergola patio covers. The endless possibilities of lumber sizes, types of lumber and colors are all options when considering a wood patio cover.

How do you identify a Pergola cover or lattice patio cover? Easy, it’s the cover without a solid roof.  These nifty little items are installed perpendicular to the rafters close together, in order to shade out the sunlight just enough that you can sit comfortably under the cover and not get sun-burned.

These wood shade bars come in four sizes, 2×2, 2×3, 3×3 and 4×4 so chances are we have a size that fits your choice of cover. That’s not to say we cant install bigger lumber up there. I mean, so long as the cover can support it… we’ll put logs on top of your cover for you.

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