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Wood Patio Covers in Los Angeles

Wood Patio Covers in Los Angeles

If you’ve lived in Los Angeles for any time there’s one thing for sure, it gets hot. How hot? Well, hot enough to crave relief. Relief in the form of shade. Who better to provide that shade than us, patiocovered.  We build sturdy, stylish and long lasting wood patio covers and decks. Patio covers provide the necessary shade to enjoy the real estate you paid so much for right? Of course, it’s also nice to have a covered area when guests arrive for entertaining. We’re local wood patio cover contractors specializing in all types of wood patio covers and patio cover repairs. Among other services we provide, we offer services to obtain patio cover permits and engineering when necessary.

Wood Patio Covers

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Local Wood Patio Contractors

Local Wood Patio Contractors

Contractors here in Los Angeles are a dime-a-dozen. There are very few to no, patio cover only contractors. As a matter of fact, I’m sure we’re probably the only ones here in the San Fernando Valley. What this means to you is that we specialize in only one thing. Even though were a small local business we work closely with our clients. Furthermore, as local wood patio contractors, we build patio covers day in and day out. No kitchens, bathrooms or remodeling. As a patio cover only construction company we’re able to perfect our craft in one single job, thus providing a better product to you the consumer.

Different Types of Wood Patio Covers

We offer a variety of styles and choices of patio covers for any budget. We’re local wood patio contractors. Our patio covers can range from a basic pergola, shade bar structure to a solid roofed cover. Patiocovered also builds free standing covers and decks.

Pergola patio covers

Pergola patio covers are essentially a free standing almost arbor looking structure. Many times you’ll find a pergola over a garden pathway. In some cases, vines will grow over the wood structure creating an almost thatched look to the cover. Most people choose not to pay more for appearance or select grade wood with pergolas. For the most part, this is because vegetation sometimes grows on the pergola. This is chiefly because it’s assumed that the cover will sustain significant deterioration in the future.

Lattice shade bar patio covers 

The lattice or shade bar patio covers are more or less an open structure without a roof. Similar to the pergola cover in that both covers are open and have lattice bars on the top of both style covers. With the lattice style patio covers, the top pieces are typically 3″ x 3″ members installed perpendicular to the rafters. Lattice or shade bars can range in sizes from 1″ x 1″ all the way to 8″ x 8″ and everything in between. 

On the other hand, Los Angeles County does not allow any member less than 3″ x 3″ as a lattice bar. there are many cases where our clients will mix and match materials.  For example, the client may use wood as the primary structure and add lattice tubes made of aluminum or composite. Not only is this a fantastic idea, but certainly recommended. The reason being is because if you’ve never attempted to re-paint lattice bars, it’s a super time consuming task. 

Roofed patio covers

Patio cover roofs come in multiple different materials. For example, we have torch-down, concrete tile and composition roofing which happens to be the most popular here in Los Angeles. When choosing a material one must first understand their limitations. With all the different types of roofing offered, the are specific materials which in some cases are an only option for some clients. For example. If you only have a 8 foot height at the attachment to the home, and a 12 foot projection, you may be limited with your choices.

Tile requires a 4:12 roof pitch according to the IRC. This translates in a significant drop from the attachment to the front beam which has a minimum height requirement in Los Angeles. Low sloped roofs may still accept a concrete tile installation. All one has to do is double the underlayment. Contrast this to the built up roofing which only requires a 1/4″ : 12 drop. Many people will opt for this covering when they are limited on the amount of drop they can effectively get from other roofing materials.

Patio Cover Permits and Engineering

All patio covers and decks require building permits in Los Angeles and surrounding areas within Los Angeles county. Likewise, all cover require engineering to some degree. Whether the cover is drawn on a napkin and submitted or was professional drawn, there is some sort of minimum requirement standards at work here. Most over-the-counter handouts possess minimum building standards which most building and safety offices possess. That said, you can even perform your own “engineering” without hiring a consultant so long as your cover stays within the confines of the hand-out or building code standards for your jurisdiction.

The lumber that we use for our patio cover beams are always free of heart to minimize twisting, warping and cracking as wood is a natural substance and is subject to changes. We also primer, paint and caulk all of our covers to help protect the wood from the elements.

To tie all of the lumber together into a solid, safe structure, Patiocovered uses only Simpson Strong-Tie hardware and fasteners. Simpson, an industry leader offers a variety of hardware that ranges in size, shape and color. 

Wood Patio Cover Repairs

Alumawood repairs

Wood rots over time, It’s that simple. Because of this, we perform wood patio cover repairs throughout Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, being local wood patio contractors we really get wood. When it comes to patio cover repairs, there’s nobody with more experience for the job. When it comes to wood patio cover repairs, our team can even repair the most difficult of projects. Structural repairs are welcome. 

  • Replace structural components
  • Beams
  • Rafters
  • Posts
  • Plant on base covers
  • Replace structural hardware
  • Knee braces
  • Plywood

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