Patio cover prices Santa Clarita

If you’re in the market for a new patio cover, you will find out very quickly that patio cover prices especially within the Santa Clarita Valley are for the most part, all over the map. And why not? Because there are so many different contractors selling so many different products, profit margins being what they are or are not, it’s exactly what you the consumer should expect.


The materials which you have to choose from to build your patio cover will usually fall under 2-3 categories. Wood, Vinyl and aluminum patio covers are typical your three main choices.

Wood patio covers for example, are historically more costly primarily because of the cost of lumber. Wooden patio covers will generally require far more maintenance which is therefore more costly to maintain in the long run.

Aluminum and Vinyl patio covers on the other hand, are the two which require the least amount of maintenance and are as a result, we find them to be the most popular.

With respect to costs, I’d have to say that Aluminum has Vinyl beat by a mile or more. You see, although Vinyl is an extremely durable material, it costs are similar to that of wood.

The most noteworthy is Alumawood. Alumawood on-the-other-hand costs roughly half of wood and vinyl.