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Frequently asked questions about patio covers

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Frequently asked questions about patio covers | Los Angeles

How much does an Alumawood patio cover cost?

How much does an Alumawood patio cover cost How much does an Alumawood patio cover cost? Alumawood patio covers in Los Angeles are fast becoming the latest and greatest among patio cover systems. And for good reason. Of course, wood has been the go-to choice for patio cover systems for years. In spite of the fact that wood has a history of well, denigrating before your very eyes. Not to mention, wood is costly.

Alumawood can range in price from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars. The biggest contributing factors in the cost swing is size and type. The type being one of the three different patio covers Amerimax offers.

Yes, wood is more expensive than Alumawood or other aluminum patio cover systems. In fact, wood can cost almost twice as much as Alumawood or aluminum patio covers. Of course, wood will not last nearly as long as Alumawood.

How much does a patio cover cost?

What determines the cost of a patio cover is size, material, installation, and contractor mark-up. Of course, this means patio cover costs as virtually all-over-the-map. We developed an online calculator to determine the cost of a patio cover system. Use our on-line patio cover cost calculator and you can see an approximate cost you’d pay for your patio cover here in Los Angeles.

Of course, depending on your contractor, the cost of building the patio cover will differ tremendously. Furthermore, most patio cover contractors here in Los Angeles will mark-up material 50% and their labor up to 40%.

Is Alumawood cheaper than wood?

In reality, Alumawood is cheaper than wood. Likewise, wood is cheaper than steel and so on. As much as we want to say Alumawood is always cheaper, the reality is it’s not. Yet, most people believe it is. Always. Although aluminum is cheaper than wood when it comes to patio covers in Los Angeles. Well, of course, the size will make the determining factor.

Similarly, the installation is the next determining factor. How hard the install is, makes a huge difference in patio cover cost. As a matter of fact, you can have a 10×10 in both materials and have the aluminum be more expensive than wood. Albeit, it would have to be a pretty hard install for that example to be true. Then again, we see this all the time.

What is the best patio cover materials?

As much as I’d like to choose one material over the others, the choice between which patio cover material is best is somewhat subjective. That is to say, some people choose wood… while others choose aluminum. In my personal opinion having installed all types of patio cover materials, I personally like Alumawood, aluminum patio covers.

Why? Mostly because the aluminum patio covers require no maintenance. On the other hand, wood makes for a decent patio cover, it just costs a little more.

Can you stand on an Alumawood patio covers or Can you walk on my patio cover?

While aluminum makes for an outstanding patio cover or pergola, walking on them is tricky. I mean, Alumawood says in all their literature that walking on any of their covers is frowned upon. That said, and having installed them for years, they are mostly correct. Their lattice patio cover is way too flimsy to walk on that’s for certain.

At the same time, their non-insulated patio cover (Newport) is also very thin and therefore not suggested to be walked on. On the other hand, the insulated patio cover they offer is very strong. Although they say not to walk on them, we actually do. It’s not like we’re up there doing jazzercise or anything. On the contrary. When our guys are up there its usually only one at a time.

Does a patio cover increase the property value

Does a patio cover increase the property value?

Here in Los Angeles, patio covers just like swimming pools will increase your property value. It’s difficult to say just how much. But building onto your house with a permanent structure like alumawood or a wooden structure, will without a doubt help with its value. Besides that… adding a patio cover will at least make your house more desirable when you go to sell it.

Likewise, the more desirable your house is, the better chances you will have to sell it.

What do you call a roof over a patio?

A cover? I’m guessing that a roof over a patio is called a patio cover. There are many different types of roofs you can install over a patio. For example, you can have a flat tar roof, a tile roof, or a composition shingle roof on a wood patio cover.

Or there are the Alumawood patio covers. With aluminum, you can get an insulated roof or a non-insulated roof cover.

How long does it take to install a patio cover?

Determining the time it takes to install a patio cover is based on a few factors. First is the material itself. Wood is more difficult to install than is aluminum or Alumawood. Thus, it takes longer to install. On the other hand, Aluminum is easy to install because it’s like a kit. Of course, you can’t forget the installer.

Depending on who you hire to install the patio cover will also determine the length of time it takes to install said patio cover. Our guys can install a simple 10×10 Alumawood lattice patio cover in two days. Whereas others may do this in as little as one day. Yet, wood patio covers will take longer as mentioned. A 10×10 wood lattice patio cover may take as long as a week with painting and digging footings.

How long does Alumawood last

How long does Alumawood last?

Alumawoods’ warranty is more or less a lifetime warranty. To sum that up… we take that as well… forever. By the same token, they do have their limitations which you can see in their warranty disclaimer. Conversely, wood will pretty much decay and turn to dust before your very eyes. Yes, it’s no secrete that wood will rot and deteriorate. That is of course if the termites don’t eat it first.

Are the aluminum patio covers loud when it rains?

I think that the noise level for Alumawood patio covers can be subjective. I mean, I sort-of like it. It’s soothing. Of course, others may not see it the same way. Is Alumawood noisy? Honestly yes. It’s hollow aluminum. We made a video regarding this condition so feel free to watch that and you be the judge.

Are insulated patio covers worth it?

Personally, I think that the insulated version of  Alumawood patio cover line-up is worth it if you have a side of your house that is so heavily solar -loaded, it makes the interior unbearably hot. On the other hand, it’s also useful when you entertain and need that added level of ‘coolness” under the cover in hot Los Angeles summer days.

Or on the other hand, if you just like the look or appearance of the Alumawood insulated patio cover. It does cost more that’s for certain. But is it worth it? I’d say yea, for sure.

What's the best material for patio covers

What’s the best material for patio covers?

The age-old question… which material is best for patio covers. Hands-down… Aluminum. Why? Well for starters it will not rot or deteriorate. Alumawood requires no maintenance. No painting or refinishing of any kind. As a matter of fact, painting an Alumawood patio cover is actually not suggested.  

Here in Los Angeles, it gets pretty hot. So is alumawood a good fit for this environment? Sure… why else would it be so popular in places like Las Vegas, Arizona, Palm Springs, and the like? Alumawood patio covers fair well in super hot environments. It will not warp or otherwise fail in these conditions. Furthermore, aluminum patio covers will not rust. So rainfall is not an issue.

We perform many different types of repairs throughout Los Angeles.

Frequently asked questions about patio covers
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