pergola covers in los angeles

Pergola Covers in Los Angeles

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Pergola Covers in Los Angeles

When is the weather never nice in Los Angeles? For the most part, it’s sunny and warm even into the winter months here so there’s no better time to enjoy pergola covers in Los Angeles. Not only do pergola covers provide shade they also beautify the home. 
Pergola covers are essentially a patio cover which is many times free standing and rather than possess a covered roof, they have shade or lattice bars.

Pergola Cover Ideaspergola patio covers los angeles

In order to understand the pergola patio cover design, we must first understand its purpose or intent. Pergola Covers in Los Angeles provide shade as well as remarkable beauty. Likewise, the perfect pergola cover will;

  • Cover an existing patio or walkway
  • Allow access under such as an arbor would

Pergola Covers in Los Angeles can come in many different sizes and shapes. for example;

  • Rectangle pergola shade covers
  • There are square pergola covers
  • Arched pergola shade cover such as an arbor
  • We can also manufacturer curved pergola covers

For one thing, the shape of the cover is typically consistent with the design of the area in which the cover is to shade or otherwise cover. Pergola shapes can really be almost anything you can imagine, however, that will also depend greatly on the materials used to building cover. There are materials that we’ll soon discuss which are not easily modifiable such as vinyl and aluminum for example. 

Different Materials for building Pergola Covers in Los Angeles

Most of us assume that pergola covers can be constructed in almost every material imaginable. This is true if we’re talking about a square or rectangle pergola cover. However, if we want to arch the cover or curve the cover, wood building materials may be your only option.  Because of the rigidity of Aluminum and Vinyl coupled with the fact that there is no way to sand, route or bend this material makes aluminum pergolas and vinyl pergola covers a less likely option for many.

What is the cost of Pergola Covers in Los Angeles?

Alumawood patio covers santa clarita`Traditionally, when were thinking of building a pergola cover, we want to consider material and size first. Of course, there are other factors one may wish to consider, but essentially, these two components will dictate the overall price of Pergola Covers in Los Angeles.
Once you have determined the material type, consider next the size which the cover will occupy. Most all construction companies here in Los Angeles, will price their pergola cover by the square foot.


The average square foot price for an aluminum pergola is around $15 – $25 per square
The average price for a wood pergola is around $30 – $50 per square
The average price for a vinyl Pergola Cover in Los Angeles falls between $17-$35 per square