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Whats all the hype surrounding Aluminum patio covers?

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Aluminum patio covers in the home improvement market

There was a time when we had very few choices for patio covers. Today, however, there are many different materials to choose from. For example we have vinyl, wood, composite, steel and Aluminum. Of course it appears, however, that Aluminum patio covers are taking over by storm. With everyone working hard for their money the very last thing you may want to do is maintain a cover which you pay thousands of dollars for.

What are aluminum patio covers?patio covers santa clartia

Aluminum patio covers are constructed 100% from aluminum. First thing to remember is that this material starts out as a roll of aluminum which goes through an embossing process taking on the form of wood grain. After-which, the aluminum is roll-formed into the shape of traditional lumber pieces. By appearance,  product resembles genuine wood making it the best of all worlds.

What makes Aluminum patio covers a better choice over the popular wood covers?

For the most part, the aluminum patio cover is bullet proof. In other words, the material will not deteriorate, rust, rot or otherwise fall apart and never requires re painting. That said, however, the material is subject to damage. For example, the aluminum is not as dense as wood is so if there was blunt force trauma, the cover will dent. We counter this by using a higher gauge aluminum material in key components within the patio cover and fill that aluminum with high density structural foam. 

Are they affordable?

By far, the aluminum patio covers are the most affordable of all patio cover materials.  By and large, dollar for dollar the aluminum product gets much more bang for the buck. think about this… if you could pay half the price of a wood patio cover and have it last ten times as long without almost any maintenance, wouldn’t you? Of course you would and so would I.  

The Aluminum patio cover comes in many different types of coverings which are all affordable. The alumawood line has an insulated cover, a non insulated cover and a lattice shade bar cover. I have to admit the  insulated cover provides exceptional resistance to heat with its 3″ structural foam center.

alumawood recessed light stripsCan you add lights and fans?

Yes, you can modify these covers to add lights and fans as easily as you can any other patio cover product available. If you are in the market for a patio cover give us a visit.