Drought tolerant landscape Xeriscape santa clarita

Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita

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Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita

If you reside in the Santa Clarita Valley and have a lawn lush with green grass you have to expect there to be high water bills. Grass lawns may require, on a hot, sunny day, an average of 125 gallons of water for every 1,000 square feet. However, Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita requires merely a fraction of this water consumption. Not to mention, its a environmentally conscious decision to save water.

Xeriscaping Your Yard

Drought tolerant yard landscapingXeriscaping is the latest’s and greatest alternative to “Santa Clarita” landscaping. Many people assume when you speak of xeriscaping you are referring to a desert or an “Arizona, Nevada look” . Although this holds some truth, I ask… aren’t we in the desert too?
As a matter of fact, yes we are. 


What is Xeriscaping or Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita?

What exactly is Xeriscaping or Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita? Well, the dictionary categorizes Xeriscaping as “landscape (an area) in a style which requires little or no irrigation”.  In addition, i would submit it also includes the use of plants and trees which require little to no irrigation. To that extent, the irrigation itself is a drip system and not the sprinkler head type which is so common here in the Santa Clarita Valley.

The Use of Hardscape and Decomposed Granite in Your Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita

Although removing the grass in your yard is an excellent way to conserve water, so too are the uses of hardscape and other solid surfaces in order to create water free zones which can be incorporated into your landscape design. Hardscape design santa clarita

Concrete used in Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita

The use of cement in the way of walls or solid walking surfaces is and excellent way to consume total square feet within a landscape project which requires zero irrigation. The list below are all excellent way to add solid non irrigation zones to your Xeriscaping or Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Clarita.

  • patios
  • porches
  • sidewalks
  • driveways

Decomposed Granite in Drought tolerant landscaping in Santa Claritadrought tolerant patiocovered santa clarita alumawood aluminum patio covers

In the same fashion in which concrete is used to create solid surfaces which do not require irrigation, so too is Decomposed Granite. Decomposed granite is a granite based product which is to say it started out as a rock and goes through a process where the granite is weathered down to a small particle form available in many different colors. Nevertheless, as landscapers, we will add an additive to this material which bonds the Decomposed granite together almost like cement. Once compacted, the material is extremely stabile and may times resists even heavy run-off from rain.