Alumawood Recessed Light Strips

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1/1/2020 Update;
Amerimax maker of Alumawood discontinued the light -strip® product line. As an alternative, we now offer disk lights installed into the insulated and non-insulated Alumawood panels. These lights range from 400 to 700 lumen and are just as bright as the light-strips® were.

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Alumawood Recessed Lights | Light Strips

Alumawood recessed light stripsAlumawood offers its proprietary lighting system they call “light-Strips”. These lighting strips fit seamlessly into the insulated MAXX panels or, the Alumawood Newport cover system.

These Alumawood recessed lights offer a beautiful look without having to sacrifice on effectiveness. The 4″ recessed light fixture puts out a brilliant display of light, up to 700 lumens each, which will light up the entire area under your cover.

Alumawood Recessed LightsFit Like A Glove

alumawood recessed light stripsFor the MAXX panel or insulated cover, these light strips fit directly into each panel.

The seams between the panel and the cover do not show any sizable gaps or unsightly deflection where the cover meets the light strip. The Alumawood recessed lights when fitted mount closely to the surface of the cover so there is a very little, almost non-noticeable difference in surface height.

Alumawood Recessed Lights are color matched

The Alumawood Recessed Lights or light-strips are color-matched to the panel where they are to be installed. For example;

  • INSULATED PANELS: The light strip can be color-matched to match the Alumawood insulated panel in white or Desert sand
  • NEWPORT PANELS: The light strips can be color matches in all of the colors available in the Alumawood NEWPORT cover

​Alumawood Light strips are dimmable

Alumawood recessed light stripsHow many times have you been somewhere and the lights just feel like, well, Vegas? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability to dim them down so your eyes don’t feel like they’re going to burst from your head? Well, that’s exactly what you can do with these Light strips. Dim them up… dim them down, you have total control at your fingertips. These light strips will dim from 10% to 100% as shown in this YouTube Video.

Light-Strips when you want to entertain

Another key point is that Light-strips are the perfect solution for those of you who are into entertaining guests. Never again will you have to use those old halogen lights to light up the party, or the underside the patio cover. Not only will all of the guests be in awe from the beautiful light assembly, but with the dimmable light fixtures, you can easily set the mood.

Installation of the Light strips electrical is a snap

The Alumawood recessed light strips electrical is extremely easy to hook up. In order to install the wiring for these light-strips, it helps if you know a little something about electrical. Therefore we only suggest you attempt the installation if you are a licensed electrician or have a significant amount of electrical knowledge.

For one thing, they make it very easy to add electrical conduit directly to the light. The light fixture or light-strip comes with its own built-in junction box. Within this box is all the wiring you need and it’s all already attached to the fixtures.

It’s always a good idea to have an electrical contractor install these for you.

*These lights meet title 24 minimum requirements.