Alumawood Lattice Patio Covers

Alumawood’s Laguna series patio cover offers a beautifully embossed wood grain surface texture. Like all Alumawood products, the materials are built to last. The alumawood materials require only a fraction of maintenance when compared to traditional wood patio covers.

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Lattice Shade Patio cover Pricing

The Laguna patio covers are extremely affordable. Traditionally the Laguna Covers are half the price of wood covers. A typical 10×10 can cost as little as $2500. When you factor in the added costs of what it takes to maintain a wood cover over the years of ownership, it’s quite significant.

How Long Does it Take To Build An Alumawood Cover?

A typical 10×10 Alumawood Laguna Patio cover may take as little as two days or as many as four days. What dictates the length of time it takes to build a Laguna Cover is the attachment which is to say, “where” the patio cover is being attached to. For example, some Laguna Patio covers are attached to the exterior wall of a house, the eave, the roof or are freestanding.

Alumawood Aluminum Patio Cover Accessories

The alumawood product by itself comes standard with a beam, posts, post front covers, rafters, shade bars and they come painted.

Aside from that, there are multiple accessories. For example, you can have different “ends” to the rafters and beam. Such as for example, a scalloped design, a flat, a corbeled or mitered end design.

Alumawood Lattice Patio Cover End Cuts

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Alumawood Lattice Patio Cover Shade Bars

The Laguna also comes with a choice of lattice shade bar sizes. For example there are 2″ x 3″, 2″ x 2″ and 1.5″ x 1.5″.
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