How Much Does A Motorized Pergola Cost?

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How Much Does A Motorized Pergola Cost?

Louvered roof systems are taking the market by storm and companies like Equinox louvered roof system, Vergola louvered roof system, Outdoor Elements louvered roof system, Struxure louvered roof system, and Apollo louvered roof system seem to be the major players in this industry. Louvered roof systems are nothing new, however. Vergola was the first to have manufactured louvered pergolas. Soon to follow were Equinox’s louvered roof and the others.

What Are Motorized Roof Systems?

The idea is simple… the motorized roof system is made of aluminum blades that are manufactured in a shape that overlaps one another and also diverts water. The water is diverted into surrounding channels on the blade (depending on the manufacturer) and then into a gutter that carries it away from the structure.

Essentially, the motorized pergola roof system works either from an app installed on your smart device, or a remote control system. So for homeowners or business owners, the louvered roof system allows for shade when the suns out, and a water-tight seal when there are less than ideal weather conditions.

What Determines the Louvered Motorized Pergola Cost

The motorized pergola cost is primarily determined by the manufacturer first, size second, motorized roof options third, and installation costs last. As previously mentioned, there are actually quite a few manufacturers of these automatic louvered roof systems. Of course, the main question everyone has is… who’s the good, better, or best?

Motorized pergolas can cost much more than wood or Alumawood patio covers. So what is the motorized pergola cost per square foot? Expect to pay no less than $65 to $110 dollars per square foot for a louvered motorized pergola. These price ranges are based on actual proposals.

Louvered pergola cost

Much goes into the louvered patio cover cost. For example, raw extruded aluminum can be sourced from Mexico, overseas, or right here in the United States. Taking this raw extruded aluminum and turning it into a useful product takes manpower and machinery. Of course, after the raw material has been machined it must be protected. Many of these Louvered roof systems use powder coating as a paint option.

Louvered Pergola Manufacturers

Louvered pergola per square foot cost and manufacture go hand-in-hand. Equinox louvered roofs cost less per square foot than Outdoor Elements or Vergola. Manufacturing and material consumption are the primary factors in that determines the cost of these motorized louvered pergolas to both homeowners and dealers. The more the manufacturer can sell the cheaper the consumer can buy it for. Likewise, the more effort the manufacturer puts into producing the aluminum louvered roof systems, thus the more costly the product will be.

Motorized Pergola Louvered Roof Size

Don’t expect a louvered roof system price for a 10×10 to be the same cost per square foot as a patio cover that’s 20×20. The square foot cost of the motorized pergola roof system has more to do with the material cost to the manufacturer and their cost to produce the product than the manufactures popularity.

The larger the louvered motorized pergola the more material it takes to produce. Not to mention, the bigger the cover the more electronics you’ll need to operate the system. More electrical wiring, more motors, larger transformer, etc… As a homeowner or consumer, you can see how the square foot cost for these louvered roof systems can escalate quickly.

Motorized Pergola Roof Options

Like with most things you can buy today, there are usually upgrades available. Many times, these upgrades are what drive up the louvered pergola cost. The louvered roof system price is usually a fixed price as is the framework and only increases when the louvered roof system increases as a whole.

Motorized roof options can include anything from paint changes to different operating systems. Here’s a short list of some upgrades you can expect when determining a motorized louvered pergola cost.

  • Rain Sensors
  • Wind Sensors
  • Gas Heaters
  • Electric Heaters
  • Gutter System
  • Custom Colors
  • Larger Posts
  • Lighting
  • Operation Controls

Louvered Roof System Cost vs Alumawood Patio Cover Cost

Many people try to compare the louvered roof system price to Alumawood or some other aluminum pergola manufacturer or even wood patio covers. Unfortunately, these two products are apples and oranges. Whereas the wood patio structure for example is comprised mostly of wood and is stationary or fixed. Alumawood patio covers although still considered in the aluminum systems family (like the louvered pergola roof system) are also fixed.

Wood patio cover costs can top as much as $50 dollars per square foot whereas Alumawood hoovers around $15-25 dollars per square foot.

Motorized Pergola Contractors and Installers

With so many contractors in Los Angeles, I can understand how it can be extremely troublesome to many searching for a louvered roof patio cover or just trying to find out the louvered patio roof system cost. Our company, patiocovered, is one of those companies that fall into the better best category.

How so? Well, I know that we fill all the checkboxes that so many consumers are looking for in the construction company, especially a company that builds louvered roof systems. Our primary concern especially with the louvered roof systems is that the consumer gets exactly what they pay for. A company with all their necessary required insurances. uniformed, well-mannered crews. Marked vehicles. Most importantly, a staff who’s empathetic to the process of buying a louvered roof system.

Motorized Pergola Manufacturers

There are actually a few different companies that manufacture motorized pergolas. Of course, each of these companies offers a little something different in regard to the style of their product, accessories, paint protection, assembly, and support. One thing is consistent and they are all selling aluminum systems. With one exception… Vergola. Their louver pergolas are made of steel.

  • Equinox Louvered Roof
  • Apollo
  • Outdoor Elements
  • Solara
  • Vergola
  • Struxure
  • Luminox

As you’d expect, with so many different louver pergola manufacturers, the pricing would be all-over-the-map, and it is. A louvered roof system from Equinox is not the same price as a Louvered roof system from Outdoor Elements.

As previously mentioned, the product itself dictates this. Take Equinox louvered roof systems. these systems haven’t changed in years. So what you get with Equinox is older technology and styling. Compared to Apollo, Struxure or outdoor elements offer a more modern louvered roof system.

Motorized Pergola Cost FAQs

What is an extruded aluminum louvered roof?

Basically, the extruded aluminum louvered roof is in fact, the louvered motorized pergola itself. There really is no difference.

Are the blades aluminum like the frame?

Yes, The extruded aluminum louvered roof system as a whole is completely aluminum.

Does a wood pergola cost as much per square foot as a louvered pergola?

Typically the answer is no, however, I’m sure at some point you can build the wood pergola to exceed the cost of the aluminum louvered roof system.

What do you get with the motorized pergola?

Within the aluminum motorized pergola, you will get standard, lights, electronics, fully extruded frame and louver.

Are all motorized pergolas equal in terms of quality?

I think for the most part, yes. Of course, when you compare apples to apples all of the structures should at least offer a similar warranty, paint application, components, and price per square foot installed. That said, however, its the options that will generally set the price per square foot installed apart from one another.

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