Verano | Black

The Verano Black is definitely a show stopper. The post size increases some more as do the rafters. Black Simpson hardware, stained and corbeled beams and rafters are standard with this version. It really is beautiful.

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Beam 6 x 12
Rafters 6 x 10
Posts 6 x 8
Tongue and Groove Sheathing
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 6 x 6
Tile Roof

Hardware Schedule

Simpson® Post Base
Simpson® Exposed Flange Joist Hangers
Simpson® Column Caps

Castaic Patio Covers

Castaic patio covers constructed by Patiocovered can keep you enjoying your back or front yard year round. With a variety of predesigned covers to choose from or one of our professionals can assist you in custom designing your own. There are various options such as shade bar or roofed cover. You can choose from a basic patio cover to larger sizes of lumber to give  your structure a beefier and more sturdy look. There are also choices in finish such as smooth or rough sawn wood. Patiocovered staff will review all the variety of options available for your choice of patio cover.

Patiocovered Uses Only Quality Materials

Patiocovered cares about the safety and appearance of your patio cover structure. The lumber we use is known as free of heart and it helps to minimize the warping and twisting of  the wood. Simpson hardware is the brand we use to attach our lumber to the structure or to other structural members. The combination provides a stable and safe cover for enjoyment and relaxation. Castaic patio covers are built strong for each and every client. Each patio cover is also primed and painted or waterproofed to help protect the wood from the elements.

Patiocovered is Committed to Customer Service

Our customers deserve communication and dedication from our staff. Patiocovereed is dedicated to providing daily communication with our customers. Each and every step of the process is thoroughly explained and work performed reviewed afterwards. We make sure to communicate with a preferred mode chosen by the customer which can include phone, email, text or in person. The comfort and knowledge we provide to our clients is a priority.