Verano | Best

The Verano Best provides the same cover as the basic, that is it’s wood and has a tiled roof but this one is built a lot beefier with larger timber, plus corbeling of the rafters and beams is a standard feature. It will definitely grab the attention of your guests. But…if you want the complete look of an elegant and rustic style cover, look at the Verano Black.

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Beam 6 x 12
Rafters 6 x 8
Posts 6 x 6
Tongue and Groove Sheathing
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 6 x 6
Tile Roof

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Simpson® Post Bases
Simpson® Exposed Flange Joist Hangers
Simpson® Column Caps

Saugus Patio Covers

Saugus patio covers designed and constructed by Patiocovered are an affordable way to enjoy your backyard environment in the shade. We offer a variety of styles of patio covers such as the Verano, Sombra and Piccolo. Within certain styles of patio covers, there are options from the basic version to the upgraded version which includes larger pieces of lumber and type of hardware. Patiocovered also builds covers that are a shade bar type or roofed. Electrical upgrades are also offered as an option. Patiocovered has installed many covers that include lighting and ceiling fans.

Patiocovered Builds Quality Covers at Affordable Prices

Simpson hardware has long been known for its sturdy and stable hardware for attaching those large pieces of lumber to your home. Patiocovered wants to make sure that their clients are kept safe as well as comfortable under their shaded structure. Saugus patio covers are built to last, with the proper maintenance of course. Our initial installation includes primed and painted wood which helps to safeguard the cover from moisture. Patiocovered will even come back a year later and touch up your cover as a courtesy to our faithful customers.

Our Customers Mean the World to Us

Patiocovered has a reputation for superior customer service. Our staff is genuinely motivated by the happiness of our customers. We try to maintain an open line to our customers so that there is no hesitation in asking us a question about the construction of their cover. Patiocovered gives daily updates to their clients via the preferred communication method. It is our goal to serve our customers with the highest level of service possible.