Valencia | Basic

Do you need a little something to bring your backyard to life? Or perhaps you just have a really big yard and need something to fill it. Whatever the case may be, the Valencia cover may be just what you are looking for. The Valencia Basic is a stand-alone cover that will look great without the cost. All of our basic covers are constructed with the finest lumber and superior craftsmanship, that never changes with us. You can choose some upgrade options for this model or move up to the Valencia Better if this version is too simple for you.

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Beams 4 x 8 (non-corbeled)
Rafters 2 x 8 (non-corbeled)
Posts 4 x 6
Shade Bars 2 x 2
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 4 x 6 (non-corbeled)

Hardware Schedule

Simpson® Post Bases
Column Cap

Canyon Country Patio Covers

Patiocovered builds attached and stand alone Canyon Country patio covers. We have a variety of styles to choose from or custom design your own. Browse through out website to see the patio cover or deck that best suits your backyard. The patio covers featured range from full size to mini and can be a shade bar type or roofed. Patiocovered guarantees a great looking patio cover or deck and built to last.

Patiocovered Builds Quality Structures

There are various grades of wood that can be used to build a structure. Patiocovered uses only free of heart wood to build its Canyon Country patio covers and decks. Free of heart lumber is a type of wood that helps to minimize twisting and warping. Proper sealing and waterproofing is also necessary to keep wood from rotting prematurely or getting mold due to moisture contact with the raw lumber. Once your patio cover has been constructed, we ensure the proper sealing and caulking to help prevent moisture from contact with the wood.

Customer Service is Our Priority

Patiocovered knows that customer service is not often a priority with most contractors. This is unfortunate for the customers because often there is a lack of communication which in turn creates misunderstandings and errors. We make sure to inform our clients on the status of their project on a daily basis. From the first phone call to the final payment and beyond, Patiocovered is here to make sure that you know what you are paying for. Educating our clients on each and every step of the process is the key to a happy home owner.