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Alumawood Patio Covers Require building Permits

Building permits for patio covers in Santa Clarita

Santa Clarita Patio Covers

Adding a patio cover structure to your house as an additional structure requires building permits, it’s that simple.  Whether you are building a patio cover with wood, vinyl or aluminum, a building permit is necessary. Most building and safety departments provide handouts which are basic layouts for those individuals who are building patio covers which do not require any additional engineering. These basic handouts require the home oner or contractor to document the location of the proposed patio cover as well as any property lines, hill slopes, oak trees and so on…

Alumawood Patio Covers and Permits

The Alumawood product is an extruded, wood embossed aluminum material. The system, that is, the Alumawood “kit” although it’s a much lighter material than wood still requires both engineering as well as building permits. Now depending on what county, city or justification of Los Angeles County you reside will determine to what extent the Alumawood patio cover will or will not be allowed. That’s correct, some areas of Los Angeles County may not allow some Alumawood products to be installed.

Engineered or No Engineering?

The Alumawood product line comes pre-engineered which is to say that the different patio covers Alumawood offers such as the Newport, Laguna or Insulated roof panel cover have all been engineered by a licensed California engineer for specific installation situations but only when the patio cover is designed with such engineering in mind.

 How Much are Building Permits in Santa Clarita?

Patio cover pricing santa claritaThe cost of each building permit varies greatly and depends on the projects cost specifically.  For example, a patio cover valued at $3,000 may cost you $150 for a permit and and cover which is valued at $4000 may cost you $175. In order to obtain the exact pricing for your specific project you will need to visit your local building and safety department and present them with your drawings, plans, layout or engineering at which time they will review the project and provide you with pricing at that time.