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Alumawood Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover Santa Clarita

Alumawood lattice patio cover system

If you’ve lived in Southern California for any length of time then you’re very much aware of how hot it can get out here. For the most part, you have a few different choices to rid yourself of this heat. First, is your option to stay indoors, but who wants to do that? Second, you can build an affordable patio cover. Introducing the Alumawood Aluminum Lattice Patio Cover Santa Clarita. Alumawood by Amerimax has been around for over 40 years and is the go-to product when you’re in the market for a long-lasting, no maintenance lattice patio cover system. 

Amerimax’s Alumawood Patio Covers

Amerimax Alumawood is a company with a long history of providing log lasting durable patio cover systems. For years Amerimax has been pumping out these patio covers for you to enjoy yourself, for years. As a patio cover only construction company, we’ve had the opportunity to build just about every manufacturer’s product out there. That said, we’ve managed to settle on Amerimax’s Alumawood product simply because its the best. All things being equal when it comes to material. Its the finish, warranty and precision of the Alumawood product that makes it superior in our opinion.

What to expect for Alumawood

Not only is the Alumawood product available in the Lattice patio cover, but we also offer Alumawood in a roofed patio cover as well. In the event that you require a solid surfaced roofed patio cover, Alumawood offers the IRP or insulated roofed panel patio cover. While the lattice patio covers are simply shade bars added to provide just that, shade, the IRP is fully covered. The IRP patio cover boasts a 3″ solid foam-filled core. Capable of decreasing the ambient temperature under the cover a whopping 25%. Of course, this based on our testing with the use of infrared technology. 

In contrast to the IRP roofed patio cover. We also build here locally in Santa Clarita a non insulated version. We call this the Newport patio cover. Even as a non-insulated cover, the shade this cover provides is incredible. Not to mention, the cover itself is much more affordable when compared to the IRP cover.