Sombra | Better

Although the basic Sombra will be very practical and affordable there are those of you that are looking for just a little bit more, then the Sombra Better may be your cover. You want shade but you also want the cover to look bulkier and noticeable. Although corbeling does not come standard on this version, you can add it in our options section.

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Beam 6 x 8 (non-corbeled)
Rafters 4 x 6 (non-corbeled)
Posts 4 x 6
Shade Bars 2 x 3
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 4 x 6 (non-corbeled)

Hardware Schedule

Column Cap
Simpson® Post Base
Simpson® Exposed Flange Joist Hangers

Patio Covers Santa Clarita

Patiocovered specializes in patio covers in Santa Clarita. Our team of experts are here to provide you with a well built and sturdy structure that will last. We use only the finest lumber which includes free of heart wood so that it minimizes twisting and warping which is a natural occurrence with wood products. Patiocovered uses only the industry leader in hardware, Simpson.

Patiocovered Communicates with Their Clients

From concept to completion our experienced staff is there for you. Patiocovered offers a variety of patio covers to choose from or we can help you to design a cover that will best fit your back, front or side yard. Santa Clarita has the perfect weather for outdoor entertaining. If you want to be outdoors all year round, you can choose to build a roofed patio cover and be able to enjoy your yard even when it is raining. Patiocovered also is sure to primer and paint each piece of wood that makes up your patio cover. This is done to protect the wood from moisture and the elements of weather, which are a patio covers worst enemy. We have thought of every precaution possible to protect your investment.

There are many contractors that build patio covers in Santa Clarita but not many that have the communication skills and integrity that you will find with each and every staff member at Patiocovered. A staff member will be in contact with you using your preferred method before and after each step and will be sure to get your approval on all materials and the construction / inspection process. We look forward to working for you.