Sombra | Basic

Everybody needs “Sombra” which by the way means shade. The sombra basic patio cover is our entry level, affordable alternative to those cruddy big box store canopies that are good for maybe one single season. This bad boy, in contrast, will provide shade for years to come (so long as you maintain it).

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Beam 4 x 10 (non-corbeled)
Rafters 2 x 8 (non-corbeled)
Posts 4 x 4
Shade Bars 2 x 2
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 4 x 4 (non-corbeled)

Hardware Schedule

Simpson® Post Base
Simpson® Exposed Flange Joist Hangers
“L” brackets 1212HL


Are you looking for the perfect patio cover for your backyard? Patiocovered, builds patio covers right here in the Santa Clarita Valley as well as throughout the greater Los Angeles area. We understand that interviewing and then choosing between contractors can be an arduous task. We like to think of ourselves more along the lines of construction professionals. We cater to the wants and needs of our client ensuring the experience is a memorable one, and not in a bad way 🙂 .

Patiocovered Uses High Quality Materials

Looking for a patio cover in Santa Clarita or Los Angeles? The Sombra is a fantastic, simple, yet elegant addition to any back yard. The wood we choose is nothing short of the best, so that means no warpage, twisting or ugly cracking. We only use Simpson hardware because it will ensure the highest quality product to ensure structural stability, an important feature when it comes to the safety of our clients and their loved ones.

The Santa Clarita Valley is widely known for its peaceful and serene family atmosphere. It can provide the environment perfect for entertaining. The Sombra Basic is perfect for this purpose. Whether you are entertaining family friends or just kicking back on a warm sunny day, Patiocovered can build you that perfect shade. Options such as outdoor fans and lights can also be added to the Sombra basic so that you can carry the pool party from daytime into nighttime.

Communication with Our Clients is a Priority

We highly value communication throughout each step of the construction process. Our staff will guide you and answer any questions you may have from the time we give you an estimate to the final product. Santa Clarita residents can be sure that they are working with considerate, hard working professionals.