Sombra | Best

The Sombra Better is a choice that can satisfy anyone looking for a clean and well-crafted patio cover that provides a place for you to enjoy the shade in your backyard. If you are looking for that complete look that will really make your neighbors notice that you put a cover back there then the Sombra Best will do the trick. The beams and hardware used for this cover are larger and heavier, creating an overpowering look and essential stability. The beams and rafters come corbeled standard creating an esthetically pleasing look. If you want to take it up a notch check out the Sombra Black.

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Beam 6 x 12
Rafters 6 x 8
Posts 6 x 6
Shade Bars 3 x 3
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 6 x 6

Hardware Schedule

Column Caps
Simpson® Post Base
Simpson® Concealed Joist Hangers

Patio Covers Valencia Santa Clarita

Patiocovered builds lasting and elegant patio covers in Valencia Santa Clarita. Whether you are looking for a basic style or more complex, we have a patio cover for you. The Sombra, basic, better or best provides plenty of shade as well as looking stylish and elegant in your backyard. You can choose our design as pictured in the website or can change and customize to suit your preferences.

Patiocovered patio covers and decks are built to last.

Patio covers may seem simple but in reality, it takes knowledge and experience to construct a cover that will endure a length of time for you to enjoy it and get your value. Our team of experts have chosen top quality building materials, which includes free of heart lumber and  Simpson hardware, an industry leader to construct your patio cover or deck. Patiocovered builders have the experience and know how to build your cover to be great looking and structurally safe at the same time. The well being of our clients and their families and guests are a top priority.

Communication is just as important as workmanship.

The process can be long and grueling or simple and built at a reasonable pace. Patiocovered has a specific process that is followed and our clients are made aware of each and every single step both verbally and in writing. An approval checklist is provided at the start of the project and the client will be asked to initial and confirm each step in writing. Patio covers Valencia, Santa Clarita are built to last with the proper maintenance and we even offer maintenance and repair for existing patio covers.