Sombra | Black

Just when you thought Best meant the best, we have created the ultimate Sombra cover. Sombra Black is an eye catcher. It’s the one that will be the attention getter at parties or from all of your neighbors. The timber size, black hardware and stain give the Sombra Black a look and feel of grandeur and old world charm.

Yes, the Sombra black with it’s heavy timbers will look massive in your back or even the front yard and will probably make you feel as if you were living in the Sequoias, minus the three hour drive.

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Beam 6 x 12
Rafters 6 x 10
Posts 6 x 6
Shade Bars 4 x 4
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 6 x 6

Hardware Schedule

Column Cap
Simpson® Post Base
Simpson® Concealed Joist Hangers

Patio Covers Saugus Santa Clarita

If you are looking to build a patio cover or repair an existing cover in Saugus Santa Clarita, then Patiocovered is here for you. We can build simple designs such as a shade bar or more complex roofed covers and decks. Patiocovered is a company that truly cares for the well being of their clients. Our top priority is communication and providing the highest quality customer service possible. From concept to final product our staff is here to provide you with step by step information and answer any questions you may have.

Patio Covers Saugus are Built from Quality Building Materials

Do you know the right type of wood to use for a sturdy, long lasting patio cover? A type of lumber that minimizes twisting and warping? We do. Patiocovered uses only Free of Heart lumber for its patio covers and decks. Starting with the finest quality number, we construct a sturdy cover combined with the industry leader in hardware, Simpson. We primer and paint each piece of lumber to help keep the water from providing the perfect circumstance for mold or moisture damage and dry rot. Patiocovered will even come back a year later to touch up the cover that we installed.

Custom Patio Covers and Decks

Our website has a variety of options to choose from that include shade bars, roofed covers and decks with a variety of railings. You may also opt to custom design your own along with the assistance of our experienced builders. Either way, Patiocovered is sure to provide you with a stylish addition to your back or front yard so that you can enjoy the outdoors in the beautiful Southern California weather.