Valencia | Best

Seriously… if we made this cover any larger we’d have to make it with logs. With the Valencia Best, the beams have been increased to 6×12 and the rafters to 6×8 creating an impressive look to any backyard. Corbeling, a standard feature, will be sure to add to the wow factor of this standalone cover.

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Beam 6 x 12
Rafters 6 x 8
Posts 6 x 6
Shade Bars 3 x 3
Footings 18 x 18 x 18
Knee Braces 6 x 6

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Simpson® Post Bases
Column Cap

Newhall Patio Covers

Patiocovered builds Newhall patio covers for those who are looking for top rate customer service and well built structures using high quality materials. We use only the highest grade of lumber which is also known as free of heart. This lumber is the preferred material because with this type of wood, warping and twisting is kept to a minimum. Simpson hardware is used to connect all these fine pieces of lumber together to create a great looking and structurally sound patio cover.

Patiocovered Offers a Variety of Patio Covers

Visit our website and look through all of the choices for your patio cover or deck. Shade can be provided by the use of shade bars or by a roofed cover. Patiocovered also has various levels of a particular patio cover that can be installed with basic sizes and hardware choices to bigger and beefier versions of both. Newhall patio covers can be built in a custom design as well as our predesigned versions may not be a fit for all backyards.

Patio Covered Cares About Their Clients

Customer happiness and satisfaction is our main concern. Patiocovered provides communication with their clients via cell phone, email or in person. We want to make sure that the client is educated in the construction process and feels comfortable to ask questions in regard to timelines, price or construction methods. Each and every step in building your patio cover or deck is explained and reviewed with you. Patiocovered wants to make sure that the initial concept for the patio cover is the same as the final product. Our goal is to enhance your backyard and make you feel comfortable with the design.