Alumawood DIY Patio Cover Kits

The Alumawood DIY Patio Cover Kits, or patio cover kit, is a pre cut patio cover kit in its simplest term.

Patio Cover Colors

2019 alumawood color choices

Comparatively speaking, this is where wood and the Alumawood product differ greatly. Wood patio covers possess the ability to be painted just about any color you can imagine. Contrast that to the Amerimax product, there are 7 colors.

  1. White
  2. Mojave Tan
  3. Desert Sand
  4. Latte
  5. Adobe
  6. Sonora Beige
  7. Spanish Brown

The amerimax Alumawood covered patio system kit, can be ordered in just about any color combination (offered) you can think of.

Patio Covers How to Build

alumawood patio cover kitsAlumawood DIY Patio Cover Kits are a pre-cut, disassembled patio cover structure ready to be assembled.  The Alumawood DIY kits are very easy to put together with the use of some very basic tools you may already have in your garage.

For the lattice patio cover, we have a video (How To Install An Aluminum Lattice Patio cover) as well as a PDF which will help walk you through the entire process. If you’re looking for functionality and could stand to save a few bucks, aluminum pergola covers (Alumawood) is a great alternative to traditional wood patio covers. By and large, the Alumawood system is a cost effective way get the shade you need to do all you entertaining outdoors or just enjoy the San Fernando’s beautiful summer (or winter) weather.

Affordable Aluminum Patio Cover Do It Yourself Kits

patio covers and decks near me

Patio cover systems from Alumawood are very affordable. As a matter of fact, use our handy free patio cover cost estimator or calculator to determine the estimated cost of your very own patio cover. If anything at least it’ll get your some patio covers ideas.

Because of the material differences, patio covers kits specifically the Alumawood product is hence more affordable than wood or even vinyl.  As a result, the Alumawood cover can produce an equal amount of shade for almost half the price (*Depending on the Alumawood / wood comparison)  in most cases.

Most noteworthy is the fact that when compared to wood patio covers, Alumawood starts out saving you time. How so? Well, for starters, in the next year you won’t have to paint, seal or otherwise re-finish your aluminum patio cover because it doesn’t require any of that.

We Can Build it For You Too

patio cover kitLet’s face it, you can never go wrong with aluminum. And who better to extrude this stuff into a super cool and easy to assemble kit than Alumawood? of Los Angeles sells the Alumawood kit like Starbucks Coffee on a manic Monday morning (we sell a lot).  We all love Los Angeles. Where else can you go to the beach and surf and snow ski all in one day?  When it comes to the art of designing and constructing patio covers in Los Angeles, it’s who we are and it’s all we do.  Because we only build patio covers and decks we understand the local jurisdictional codes and requirements. Not only is this a benefit when choosing between contractors, as a homeowner, it makes your job even that much safer.

We are a local Los Angeles Based Company… we’re licensed and insured

local patio cover contractorss

Why would you want to deal with a company from Rancho Cucamonga when you can work with someone local to Los Angeles? We’re not a “wham-bam, throw it together in one day” patio cover construction company.

On the contrary, we are extremely detailed oriented and place our clients first. Our work ethic is second to none. In the service industry, the client always comes first.  Look, we understand that working with contractors can be a pain sometimes. Nevertheless, when you are forced to such as in the case of needing a new patio cover, you might as well love who you work with.

More About Licensed and insured

fully insured los angeles patio cover contractors

Honestly, how hard is it to sit and take a contractors exam? Why then are there so many unlicensed contractors out there? It’s really getting to be a problem.. But that’s a blog for another day right?  Lets focus on the fact that we are licensed contractors. We are bonded and we have insurance just in case accidents happen on the job. We even have workers comp. When you choose patiocovered, you are literally covered.

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