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Patio Covers in Northridge

Living in Southern California means one thing… beautiful weather. Sure it gets warm here but who can be the mild temperatures almost year round. Of course, there is the occasional 100 plus days but for those, we have a solution. A brand new patio cover right? Patiocovered builds Patio Covers in Northridge.  Moreover, we build quality affordable patio covers in many different materials sizes and shapes.

What’s the deal with the new Aluminum Patio Covers in Northridge?

Aluminum is not a new material used in patio covers. As a matter of fact, aluminum patio covers in Northridge have been around for over 50 years. That said of course, Aluminum patio covers have evolved into what they are currently, and that is a beautiful replica wood product. Complete with wood grain the Aluminum patio covers look and feel just like real genuine wood.


Who is patiocovered? is a company which builds Patio Covers in Northridge, Wood decks in Northridge, and Aluminum patio covers in Northridge. Furthermore, we build quality patio covers to fit just about any budget.  Not only do we build patio covers but we also specialize in Drought tolerant landscaping in Los Angeles. ​​​​​​​ Concrete hardscape is another one of our specialities including stamped concrete, vintage sanded concrete and paver systems.

How expensive are Patio Covers in Northridge?

When we think of patio covers expensive is the first thing that typically comes to mind. That said, patiocovered offers Alumawood patio covers in Northridge at very affordable pricing. As a matter of fact, the Alumawood aluminum patio cover systems outsells wood, ten to one.  What makes the Alumawood so popular? Of course I believe its the ability of the product to closely resemble wood and without all the maintenance needed with wood patio covers in Northridge.

What are some of the Benefits with using Aluminum patio covers?

Different from traditional wood patio covers is the Alumawood aluminum patio covers. These patio covers do not require the same attention that wood does. In fact, the Alumawood Aluminum patio covers in Northridge requires almost zero maintenance. Unlike wood where you have to paint it, treat is for insect and replace deteriorated members, aluminum patio covers require none of this.

  • Zero painting
  • Termite proof
  • Will never rot or deteriorate

Alumawood aluminum Patio Covers in Northridge just make you happy

Its hard to argue the fact that relaxing can make you happy, it does. And what better way to relax and enjoy the heat of the day and cool weather of the night but with a new patio cover right? Being outdoors, with friends and family just make you happy so why not spend more of that happy time under a new patio cover by

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