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Alumawood Patio Covers Simi Valley

Simi Valley is a beautiful place to live here in sunny Southern California.  With it’s sprawling landscape and mountain ranges who wouldn’t want to live here right? According to Wikipedia, Simi valley receives up to 277 sunny days per year. That’s a lot of sunshine, and with this sunshine comes heat. And lots of it. Why, just in 1985 Simi valley received it’s record for heat at over 115 degrees. Enter the need for the Alumawood patio covers.

Alumawood Patio Covers Simi Valley

The aluminum patio cover is growing in popularity simply due to the ease in which it’s installed and the lack of maintenance required. Not to be left out is it’s beauty. Aluminum Alumawood patio covers are beautiful in their design. not the aluminum of the olden days. On the contrary, this material is long lasting, durable and again, beautiful crafted.

Alumawood patio covers = Shade & Savings

With so much sunshine, you may be wondering what’s a good escape from the big yellow ball of fire. Well, the answer is simple really… a patio cover. And who provides amazing patio covers at affordable costs with unmatched customer service? Patiocovered of course. offers amazing patio covers at very affordable prices. With the complete line of alumawood patio covers theres a patio cover to fit everyone and everyones budget.

Alumawood patio cover kits

Alumawood DIY Patio cover kitsMost noteworthy of all of the products Patiocovered offers, are the Alumawood patio cover kits, for those of you who are not afraid of a challenge. These ready to assemble kits are a perfect way for anyone who wants to save even more, by doing it yourself. First of all, the Alumawood patio cover kit comes with everything you will need to assemble the patio cover and most of all, like an expert. Furthermore, with the assembly instructions it’s sure to go up hassle free. 

Finally, with all the money you can save by building your own patio cover, you can take that stay-cation and sit under your new patio cover and enjoy the shade.