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Decomposed Granite Landscaping for Santa Clarita

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Decomposed Granite Landscape Options for Santa Clarita

Decomposed granite also know as “DG” for short is a classification of stone material which originally derives from granite rocks. DG materials break down from these solid rocks to smaller substrates such as sand to pebbles and not usually found in sizes greater than 1/4″. DG is for the most part a sandy material and not necessarily rocky.

The Many Uses of Decomposed Granite in Santa Clarita

Drought tolerant landscaping santa claritaDG Decomposed granite uses for landscaping are first of all, many. For example, Decomposed Granite makes a beautiful maintenance free walkway, path or sidewalk. DG decomposed makes an excellent ground cover as a substitute for grass here in the Santa Clarita valley. DG can be used for entire front or rear yards.

And finally, we like to use the DG or decomposed granite in planters adjacent to hardscape in addition to other areas which may also possess DG as a compliment to drought tolerant landscaping and hardscaping.  Consequently, Decomposed granite is gaining popularity within the Santa Clarita Valley and we at use DG in most all of our xeriscape projects.

Why is this material gaining popularity? As mentioned, I believe DG is a fantastic alternative to traditional grass or sod which is found everywhere. Especially throughout the Santa Clarita Valley and elsewhere here in So Cal. Because DG is so dense especially when stabilized, it’s difficult to wash away and easy to walk on, unlike the sand you may find at the beach. DG when applied correctly can last for years with little maintenance such as the addition of more DG in the even the top layer washes away.

Decomposed Granite Color OptionsAlumawood color options

The colors which DG or Decomposed Granite is available throughout Santa Clarita, is however, available in a limited.  As a result, you may notice that the golden color is most popular. Patiocovered is able to obtain DG in up to 7 different colors. Colors such as white, grey, purple and red just to name a few. The mining location here in California determines the colors. Unlike Arizona, we here win California have limited DG color resources.