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AZENCO Motorized louver pergola & Cabana

Formed in 2011 out of France, the Azenco company prides itself on its outdoor global visual aspect. Most anything having to do with outdoor living space, you are sure to find the Azenco brand.

The Azenco company, originating from France, is a fairly large-scale operation, with two factories in France and one in the United States. These facilities offer the most state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to construct a product that fits your outdoor lifestyle perfectly.

Some of the products offered by Azenco are carports, solid aluminum roof patio covers, louvered roof cabanas, pool covers, and the motorized louvered pergola roof. All of these products are built right here in the US and shipped directly to our facility in Valencia California.

Azenco louvered pergolas

Azenco R-Blade Adjustable louvered roof

Motorized louvered pergola systems are what's popular right now. Louver systems allow the homeowners the ability to escape full sunlight while offering full rain protection. No matter what the weather is like... summer, winter, whatever. Our customers love their investment in their louvered roof.

That's right... the motorized louvered roof is completely watertight so your furniture will remain in perfect condition in your outdoor living space. R-Blade louvered roof possesses a built-in water drainage control system which takes water that collects on the top of the cover and drains it either onto the ground's surface or sub-grade.

Louvers offer the exact amount of sunlight and shade on demand. A motorized pergola is controlled by remote control. Alternatively, you might want to use your smart device. in this case, you can opt for the control package which utilizes smartphone capability. Let's face it, your backyard or outdoor area will love you for it.


Of course when you compare this product to others like Strucxure, Equinox Louvered roof, or Apollo, the Azenco brand is much less per square foot. And you dont have to sacrifice quality.

Features of the Azenco Louvered Roof Motorized Pergola

Azenco Pergola Roof Blade

Modern louvered pergola design

For starters, the Azenco louvers themselves are not the typical janky, single-wall profile louver blade. By comparison, these louvers are double-wall aluminum and extremely robust. Indeed, one of the issues manufacturers have with single-wall aluminum louvers is sag. Over time and with distance or span, these single wall types of louvers will become deformed simply under their own weight.

Speaking of span, the Azenco louvers can span a whopping 15 feet whereas other aluminum louvers can only span a mere 12 feet. Effectively, the longer the span, the more area or outdoor living area or outdoor dining space you will get and consequently the more louvered roof you can enjoy. Not to mention, with a press of the remote control, the louvers open or close at your command.

Azenco's Massive 14" Outer Beam

Louvered roof streamline modern

The outer beam of the Azenco patio covers is over 14 inches in height and 4 inches in thickness. Compared to others, this beam is about 4 inches higher and 2 inches thicker. Another thing to consider is the fact that there are ZERO bolts or screws on the outer beam. Other companies like Outdoor Elements cheapen the appearance of their aluminum product by using screws to connect the post and beam, which defeats the purpose of having spent thousands on your outdoor living area by purchasing a  "streamline, contemporary" motorized pergola.

Of course, with a beam as massive as the Azenco, you have to expect it to span further. Well, you'd be correct. Their beam spans a whopping 25 feet. What does that mean to you? Basically, it means the homeowners get more than a square foot or two... it means additional outdoor space, more fresh air, and protection from the effects of full sun.

Azenco Has No Visible Screws

louvered pergola modern design

Azenco is paving the way with all things sleek and modern. After making a purchase of what is supposed to be a clean contemporary design, the last thing you want are screws showing on the outer beams.

With the Azenco modern louvered roof design, there are ZERO visible screws. Unlike the other manufacturers such as the equinox louvered roof who are years behind in their design, Azenco is yet again paving the way to all things contemporary in the louvered pergola industry.

Azenco Lighting Technology

Most other aluminum louvered roof manufacturers illuminate their outdoor space with LED recessed or puck lights with the exception of the Outdoor Element patio cover which uses an LED strip covered by a really cheap piece of plastic. Azenco offers more to choose from than most of these other companies such as the equinox louvered roof with respect to lighting options.

Louvered pergola lights
LED light strip

In a nutshell, the LED light strip runs the perimeter of the louvered roof illuminating the outdoor living space by shining the light onto the bottom of the pergola roof.

LED 16" ramp strip

Their 16" LED strip offers just the right amount of lighting without making you feel as if you're like you're in las Vegas.

Recessed lighting

Most outdoor living areas are illuminated by recessed lighting. It's more or less the go-to lighting option for many. Just about every aluminum Louvered pergola manufacturer such as the equinox louvered roof offers this type of lighting option. And if they don't, it's just as easy to have it installed regardless.

Azenco Paint finish

custom paint louver patio covers

Most all louvered roof manufacturers like equinox louvered roof, for example, powder coat their materials. Sure we can debate which aluminum Powdercoat process is better... who has the best materials, what company applies it the best... But in the end, it really does make a difference. I mean you want your product to last right?

Azenco chooses Sherman Williams to provide the finish that will last a lifetime. It's applied by a top-notch, experienced facility. How else would they be able to stand behind their finish warranty with confidence?


Shopping for Louvered pergolas in Los Angeles can be rough. I Mean, there are so many people manufacturing this material it's difficult to know who is sustainable. Well, Azenco is not a mom-and-pop operation. Based out of France, they employ hundreds of workers and produce many different products... so its safe to say they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

Azenco K-Bana For Your Outdoor space

Aluminum Cabana Louvered roof

Looking for a little hideaway to add to your outdoor living space? Azenco cabanas, also known as their K-bana, offer complete natural ventilation and protection from sun, rain, direct heat, and the occasional strong wind gust. Equipped with louvered roofs or a solid roof, it's the perfect solution to escape from the direct sunlight with complete rain protection.

The Azenco K-Banas are fully customizable. Add ceiling fans, shades, screens, heaters, or lighting to add style and flair to your little building. All of these items can be easily controlled via remote control. No need to worry about water drainage, the Azenco K-Bana is equipped with an integrated gutter system. In effect, the K-Bana is all about the best way to maximize comfort by taking up less space.


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