4K Aluminum  Patio Covers In  Los Angeles

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4K Aluminum Patio Covers in Los Angeles

Lattice patio covers and Soliel Panels

Patio Covered offers the new 4K aluminum patio cover system in Lattice only or, with the super cool Soliel panels. Not the traditional aluminum patio covers you see throughout LA, these are contemporary, smooth and offer a clean look.

Spans Up to 20 FEET!

The 4K Aluminum patio cover system is not a rolled formed material. Fact is... it's extruded. Extruded aluminum offers much more rigidity than roll-formed. Therefore, the 4K Aluminum can span further with fewer posts.


As you can see the 4K Aluminum is considerably thicker than the Alumawood. Considering that Los Angeles is the mecca for all things creative and innovative... the 4K just fits in perfectly.

These decorative panels are absolutely amazing and add a level of depth that Alumawood cannot.

4K Aluminum laser-etched Soleil panels

4K Soleil Laser etch panels


The uses of the 4K Aluminum product are endless. Construct beautiful gates, fences, and barriers to separate unsightly A/C units for example.