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Having to maintain your wooden patio covers and decks is difficult enough never mind having to replace components. Sure you can attempt to go to the local big box store for some wood and paint, but really why go through all that hassle and just hand it off to a professional?  Whether you have damaged roofing material, posts, rafters, deck surface material Patiocovered well, has you covered. On the positive side, if you’re in a time crunch and have an escrow closing looming and need to get a clearance from your termite inspection, or just need repairs made for the sake of making your buyers happy campers, call us and we can make this happen, fast. To summarize, we repair wood.  Wood patio covers and decks of all types. That is, wood decks with all types of surfaces such as tile, epoxy as well as other membrane materials.

Aluminum Patio Cover Repair

patiocovered santa clarita alumawood aluminum patio coversAs one of the largest provider of aluminum patio cover products in the San Fernando Valley, we can repair almost any aluminum patio cover.

  • Alumawood
  • Duraloom

Alumawood and Duraloom are the two largest manufacturers of Aluminum patio cover materials and at we are direct wholesale distributers of their products. Sooner or later you may find yourself needing to repair your aluminum patio cover product. At which time, patiocovered can assist you. For the most part, most all aluminum products are similar in the sense that they are put-together or installed in the a similar manner. First thing to remember is that aluminum products are all subject to damage. In which case, replacement parts are only a phone call away. 

Patio Cover Roof Repairs 

We Do Roofing

So unlike the “other guys”, our roofing repairs are performed by a licensed California roofing contractor and not the painter. So whether your patio cover has composition shingles, tile, “torch-down” or whatever… we can help. With over 20 years in roof installation, no matter what type of roofing material you have installed we can repair it.

Hard to find tiles are no problem. We have access to thousands of discontinued or hard to find tile which would be hard if not impossible for other handy men or termite companies to replace.

Roofing not by a handyman…BTW but rather a licensed roofing contractor

Patio covered literally has you covered. Patio covered of Santa Clarita knows patio covers and decks… it’s what we do. Send us your termite report if you have one and we’ll see what we can do to beat the price, as long as their repairs are reasonable and aren’t conducted by some guy who ins’t licensed. As we mentioned, we do things the right way and do not cut corners in our work.